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I have taken faffing around to professional levels this week. It's desperate. It's like some sort of deathly paralysis of the brain, I just can't concentrate on anything. I (wisely? unwisely?) have involved myself in a speculative YouTube cartoon based business project that has snowballed insanely and become a Huge Monster, and my two partners have taken themselves off on holiday, leaving me to finish the it, or feel demotivated and just faff, as it happens.

So I said to myself: I know. What I need to do is give up on the project, and spend ages amusing myself making a comic about nothing for my blog. The comic needs to be about nothing, mind! Nothing at all. Just for fun. And it needs to be something I can finish today.


I feel better now. Tomorrow is another day, after all. I'll be back soon on the whole USA vs India debate.
Till soon, all


Valery Valentina

yayyy, comic!
I see a future for us with professional faffing, no?
I did try my office today, but faffing, well, sun's out and the brain...
Let's say it didn't restart like my pc did.


Well, I say well done for even going into your office, so I do.

If only someone would pay us for the faffing. So unfair.


Love. Love love love love. MORE!

Also, is my mission in life to make a Lund-Gansey. With my own fair hands. The originals cost a bazillion squid!


Yay, comics!
We have a saying like "in the dark, all the cats are gray" -- maybe that explains the lack of color?


Now that I think about it, it may actually be "in the night", not "in the dark"...


Oooh - I like it when people avoid work! It always pays off for me! You make awesome comics (I'm trying to get a hold of that series, but they don't seem to have it at my library). My coworker makes useful changes to my Excel worksheet. My husband stays home and watches the little one. I'm all for the faffing!


Oooh, love love love the comic. More please! I am all for a bit of professional pfaffing. It's therapeutic.

Sadly I missed the whole Danish noir thing (Borgen?) although it did screen here. Must watch next time. Your comic reminds me of the Bill Bailey sketch "Taks for Kaffe" based on the show. Have you seen that? Is a good laff.


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