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July 22, 2013



"...emergency donkey called Cromwell was delivered. He was a five-year old brash upstart and hemaphrodite, now "resting" after appearing in Tudors, the BBC series..."



The donkey part was hilarious!

On the adoption questions, er... how are you supposed to know?


How does one get an emergency donkey? Is he a permanent resident, or just on vacation in the Irish countryside?

Americans do adopt domestically, but it seems to take longer than international adoptions. We are not good at waiting. Also, there are enough horror stories (about judges ruling adoptions invalid after the child has lived with adoptive parents for a couple years), that I think many people are afraid. But, of course, the best answer to that question is "How should I know?"

Valery Valentina

HFF is right of course.

Former colleague of mine ended up with an emergency petting zoo. Got a goat for the horse. But then the goat started crying whenever they wanted to ride the horse, so they got another goat...
(yes, horse was so upset that upon return he would go to comfort the goat first and only let his rider dismount later...)

brain is molten, will try again after storm has cooled us down...

Dr Spouse

Fab. Just nod and smile. Here's to a short wait!


I did, for just a moment, picture a donkey sitting in your mother's living room:) Poor foot! And it took me a moment to realize wherefore the duct tape.

Not sure of the statistics, but I've known Americans who have done one AND Americans who have done the other. I don't understand the ins and outs, but both happen. And, yes, what kind of a response are you supposed to make to that?


Maybe, just while he's poorly, your mother could invite him in. I'm sure he's no trouble. And they could write a blog together about being/caring for and intersex equine! Sure to make them famous/famouser. And then, I imagine, you'd get a much more interesting line of questioning at those interviews.

I can't imagine how you're supposed to answer that question, either. I have remarked here before that I find the idea of the US as a sending country surprising, given that I do know plenty of people who have adopted domestically and plenty more who'd like to. But again, how on earth are you supposed to answer that question?

Anyhoo, I am already thinking up stages of the cooking lessons.


My favorite part is the EMERGENCY DONKEY. Is the E.D. available for any crisis? Like if I'm feeling blue, or my students aren't seeming engaged in their work? A close second is the general idea that, aggravating questions aside, there's forward movement on Operation Adopt.


I have to agree with HFF. Twangy wins the internets! Because just the thought that the donkey was named Cromwell was enough for me, let alone the rest of that story. And then The Tudors! Oh my.

Despite the long winding road of meetings and Mammy Ireland it does sound like progress is being made, Twangy dear. For this HURRAH and a nice cup of tea and plate of Jaffa Cakes.


Yes, indeed, Andie, Cromwell is an unusual name, isn't it. Not to mention sort of politically sensitive, in Ireland, what with - you know - history and everything. All very peculiar.

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