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August 02, 2013


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I did see the good news! Isn't it wonderful?

I hope you will let us know which DVD your choir will be on! How exciting! The world of show business AND payment...amazing!

That drawing looks pretty much like what I imagine would happen inside my brain if I were to try meditating... Fortunately, I do not have problems with going to sleep. I just wake up a lot.


Ah, but I fall asleep too, a. But I am always awake from 3 - 4 am. Not so bad were it not for the intrinsic gloom factor.


Oooh, very exciting indeed, both for W4I and that Twangy is now in the show business.

I have no advice on the sleep. I sometimes have sleeping problems and I have some wonderful herbal tablets which really fo help. I do, however, wake up at the slightest sound. (oh wait, that freight train was the husband snoring).

Valery Valentina

Good news, now WITH PICTURES... did you see those too?

'Twas in the newspaper that it is easier to remember words to music than just words.
Takahashi method: take a recording of the song and put it on repeat for 10 minutes per day. Not sure if that combines or conflicts with meditation.

For me the not sleeping through was connected with depression and worry, and my BambiEyes helped with that.
I hope that soon(ish) your waking in the night will only be caused by a tiny human under your care.
On the weekend we now take naps the three of us ;-)


Oooo, my mindfulness looks a lot like yours, oh the crazy wandering. I am dreadful at it.

Valery Valentina

peep said the mouse...

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