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October 25, 2013


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Clearly, you discard the possibly licked butter. We had a fork that was once (ONCE!) used to stir dog food. And we never used it again to eat. Yet, my mother never threw it away - my sisters and I finally did when we were clearing out my mom's place. It's been over 30 years.

If the little lardbag can leap nimbly about the gardens, perhaps she doesn't need a diet. When she sluggishly falls off the garden walls, it's time to worry.

As far as I can tell, your letter will not be too brochure-y. I think things look lovely...


Discard, okay. I will. Thanks a!


Scrape the very top layer off the butter if you must, but discard? I guess I value butter above my own purity, when it comes down to it.

Have I mentioned that our feline familiars could be twins? They could! (Yes, black cats often look like one another. What of it?)


Of course. I don't know why surgery did not occur to me. Thanks, bionic.

I wonder is yours quite as greedy as mine. Surely not. The planet cannot sustain two of such creatures.


Hmmm. Cats on counters are most certainly Not Allowed. But they are sneaky little creatures. Perhaps best to cover the pound of butter? And oh, mushy cereal, ugh. Fortunatley, being Irish, it's unlikely would ever have been subject to the horror that is a bowl of Weet-bix.

I think the park photos and family photos are lovely.Not brochurey at all.

Dr Spouse

I'd scrape off the outside.

I also would put some people (you? someone with a dog? children in the distance?) in that picture. In some ways, you are a product; whatever system you adopt from, you will end up selling yourself. Sorry!


Okeydokey, Dr. Rethinking on both counts.
I do have playground shots and a lot of niece and nephew running around like loolahs. This is the only one with no one in it, I think.

Andie. Yes. She is .. stealthy.. it's hard not to be impressed, really. All the millennia of evolution's tinkering so she can score some human food. Amazing.

Valery Valentina

Did you not say that you switched to adopting from USA?
while I do not want to underestimate your skills, I don't think your most brochure-y letter will seem all that smooth to eyes accustomed to American toothpaste ads.
(um, I did not mean to insult anyone here)
You have probably had the right training as to the people who will read/decide on your letter, but for some it could be emotional, and then browsing a brochure is so much easier than reading tons.
My own experience of choosing a clinic (who would choose my donor) was not based on numbers, but the gut feeling we got from reception/waiting area/admin people. Both numbers and doctors were good.
The anonymous waiting room with disinfectant lost, the waiting room with friendly staff beamed ceiling and fresh croissants won. (I know!)


True, Val. Yes, from US. I think I would go on my gut too - you couldn't go against it! It would feel very wrong.. and you're right, things like pictures and croissants work at that emotional level. (Totally understandable, btw. And it all worked out!)

We've also been told that pictures are best because the birth mothers may not have good English or good literacy. So, there's that.


I'd scrape part of the butter off and then when the time came to eat the rest of it, I'd be squeamish and end up tossing it all. Don't cats have antiseptic saliva or something?

I love the photo. I guess you are trying to paint a picture as it were, so it's fortunate you've got SKILLS.

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