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November 01, 2013


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I never have any news either. So I fall back on talking about the Bean, which bores 95% of my listeners and makes me one of Those Mothers. Sigh. But nothing is going on with me! Ever, it seems. You, on the other hand, are drawing literature's most famous crutch-wielder, are you not?


True dat, Bionic. The diminutive Timothy has gone to print, I am happy to say.

Well, I find your news very interesting. Maybe it's just not news to you, eh?


You two are gorgeous! I want to move into your living room so I can enjoy your marriage from a closer vantage. That wouldn't be annoying, would it? Even if I ate snacks?

My spouse and I sleep in separate rooms now, because of the snoring. INTOLERABLE.


I often prod H, who protests he wasn't even asleep. In that case, WHY WERE YOU MAKING THAT HORRIBLE NOISE WITH YOUR FACE? WHY? WHY?

Tartan? It means... fabulously... WOVEN CLOTH! Haha! Cool, huh?

H's best question these days is an earnest, loving, sincere and very caring 'but how are you FEELING, I mean EMOTIONALLY?' just as I've got into bed, arranged the duvet and the hotwaterbottle just-so, and am reaching to turn out the light, at midnight. Prods don't cut it. I may have to resort to Powerpoint presentations about causes and effects of insomnia and a nice pointy stick.


bunny, dear, when will I pick you up at the airport? I'll schedule you in for question-answering in 4 hour shifts. This is going to be GREAT.

Hi, May! YES. I haven't even started with the timing. THE TIMING of the questions. He pounces when I am half-way out the door - just barely ALMOST escaped.

MERCIFUL HOUR. They are sent to test us.

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