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November 08, 2013


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I have not received a LinkedIn request from you, so perhaps you do not need to have your sleeves lengthened.

Dr Spouse

Mr neither! Though babyspouse got one (not from you, don't worry).

Valery Valentina

email, mhm, will check if it is still alive....
it is, and there was even an email from a blogperson. But none from (s)linkedIn.

And uhm, isn't it amazing what personal choices people seem to have an opinion on, without your asking?


Isn't it, Valery? Not even a person, a flipping algorithm! If that's how you spell it!

I fear my students have been linked to, and an adoption contact. Ah, well? Maybe something good will come of it.

Or maybe LinkedIn is sent to test us.


I feel ignored. SIGH. Maybe next time. it's hard managing all these electronic personalities, isn't it, and so important that they not merge! I shudder with empathetic embarrassment.

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