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November 29, 2013


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Oldest garment? I have at least one soft fluffy jumper that was bought about 1996. I think that would be the oldest. I have some t-shirts not long after, mostly now used for the gym. But still wearable, after all, and not falling apart.

Glad to hear all is well with the sleeves. I hope you enjoyed the choir, where you must be in Christmas song mode.

Valery Valentina

Oldest garments! I have several categories! For Suzy my mother retrieved several summer onesies that I had worn as a baby.
then, second option: summer dress from some ever lasting cotton from when my grandmother was younger, I still wear it even though the dress must be Older Than me.
and the 'normal' category: I still love the outfit we bought for my highschool graduation in 1990. The cashmere sweater was lost last year in Copenhagen, that still hurts!


I am impressed, Val. I have nothing that is Older Than Me!


I have clothes that belonged to my parents that are Older Than Me. In fact, today, I'm wearing my dad's vintage 1970s cardigan - it's not older than me, but it's close!


Now I feel like such a fool for getting my ARMS shortened when my coat didn't fit. Sigh.

I can't believe you have any tights that have lasted so long. Mine tend to get destroyed after a couple of uses. I guess I have deadly toenails or something.

Old garments...I have a few things from the 90s I WISH I'd kept around, but I have a terrible time keeping things. I need a wardrobe of fallowness.


I have a purple shirt, a delightfully _dated_ jumper, and a couple of ancient t-shirts consigned to the 'comfy bedwear' heap that all date from mid-1990s. Still wear all of 'em! :-)

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