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November 21, 2013


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I make it a point to avoid acting like a reasonable adult at every opportunity. Good luck with that...


Also, my cousin is involved in Opus Dei. He and my very progressive, yet very Catholic, aunt used to have the most interesting discussions at Thanksgiving dinner. I believe the word "cult" was occasionally thrown around. Very entertaining for the rest of us! Now, we just avoid religious discussions...


OH MY, a. Family dinner with.. ulcers.


Opus Dei? OH MY WORD. I would be quite happy to be quite quite QUITE stern. No talky. No. Nopesaurus rex.

I have always been scared of LinkedIn, partly because I'd rather my old schoolmates and university peers didn't see what a complete non-career I've had, and partly because it will eat my soul and use it to power a hole into an alternate Universe and the cybermen will get the rest of you.


No, Twangy - Family dinner with...a floor show! My cousin might have gone away with ulcers, but one should expect that when trying to suck strong-willed, opinionated women into one's misogynistic cult! (Also, everyone is always very polite on that side of the family. No one ever gets visibly cross.)


I will just add this to my long long long list of reasons why I will maintain my absence from the world of social media.

Lovely to hear from Twangy, though.


I so admire the stern, May. I want to be like that! Yes. Like Andie, be wise and steer clear.

a - ooh! Entertaining?

Andie - you are so. right. Save yourself!

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