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December 24, 2013



My BIL is a photographer who sells his work at art fairs and markets and such. He's always coming home with stuff from other vendors. It's just the way things are in that sort of field, I suppose.

Love the comic - the cat continues to provide inspiration for you!

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays)!


All the best for the 25th and for the New Year to you, dearest Twangy.

Love the comic. My kitty's favourite toy continues to be a shiny silver ball, made of foil (from the kitchen). Shiny! Scrunchy! It bounces!

Thinking of you and yours.


OH DRAT on the snow and few visitors. How that would make me want to curl up and die. (I suppose you're made of sterner stuff or you'd have died by now. Still, how disappointing.)

I adore the card. Excellent feline expressions.

How's the crisis coming along? It does seem like you've got rather a lot of fodder, so make sure you allow enough time for it, and don't try to cram it in before the voices start. (My reaction is also, "You don't have voices? BORING.")

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