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twenty fourteen

The Christmas card

 (Thank you for your comments on the Address Book Of Doom.  You're so nice. Mine awaits its conversion to digital format any day now before it finally gets consigned to a dark box in the attic.)

Not a great week chez Pearl. Betty is back, making me fumble the simplest decisions. The Betty-headed stupidity included:

  • Asking my fellow alto in the choir, in a panic: "Music, where's my music?"  
    "In your hand."  

(Turns out she is an actual psychiatrist, which is good or bad, according to your point of view.

I earned myself another entry in her log book later. We were talking about going running. "I  have to go first thing in the morning, before the voices start," I told her. "I don't have any voices in my head" she responded. I was torn between a sort of Pfft! No voices - no imagination! attitude and a craven need to reassure her that they don't tell me to do anything really bad. Small potatoes, really, of the might as well finish the cake now since I've been "even-ing it up" for so long that it's nearly gone order.)

  • Then I actually bit my tongue so it bled for ages. DUH.
  • Committed the fatal reply-instead-of-forward email error when anwering an email from my service provider. RE-DUH. This one is too boring to explain. Just trust me: embarrassing.

Meanwhile I was slowly and dimly producing some cartoons for the market on Sunday. It snowed. It froze. There were very few visitors. We stall-holders traded stuff between ourselves which was really nice, if not exactly the point. Then we went home.

I am scheduling an existential crisis for later in the week. Career, personal, family, adoption stuff: no stone will remain unturned as I try to work out what the blazes to do next. So there's that to look forward to. HOWEVER. Let us attempt a little good cheer, shall we? It is, after all, the day afore Christmas and in that spirit, I offer you this:

Wherever you are, and whatever the 25th December means to you, I wish you much peace and good cheer - peaceful cheer, if you will.  Thank you for persisting with me through 2013.

"See" you before New Year.  Be well, all.




My BIL is a photographer who sells his work at art fairs and markets and such. He's always coming home with stuff from other vendors. It's just the way things are in that sort of field, I suppose.

Love the comic - the cat continues to provide inspiration for you!

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays)!


All the best for the 25th and for the New Year to you, dearest Twangy.

Love the comic. My kitty's favourite toy continues to be a shiny silver ball, made of foil (from the kitchen). Shiny! Scrunchy! It bounces!

Thinking of you and yours.


OH DRAT on the snow and few visitors. How that would make me want to curl up and die. (I suppose you're made of sterner stuff or you'd have died by now. Still, how disappointing.)

I adore the card. Excellent feline expressions.

How's the crisis coming along? It does seem like you've got rather a lot of fodder, so make sure you allow enough time for it, and don't try to cram it in before the voices start. (My reaction is also, "You don't have voices? BORING.")

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