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January 31, 2014


Dr Spouse

And that last phrase is one that to you, and to Americans, means you took her to HER house. To us, confusingly, it means you took her to YOUR house.

Anyway I check often to see if you have an update, so nice to hear from you, sorry the news is no further along. I thought they'd sorted the legalities but you were just waiting for an agency? Or a match?


Oh really? We are divided by a common language.

Thanks, Dr S. I visit you, too.

No, (sigh) we are STILL waiting (sigh) for Authority here to give the (sigh) agency here the go-ahead to start the process with the agencies (sigh) there.


My father had an English colleague who, at the time of this story, had lived in the US for teens of years, at least. Yet he seemed genuinely not to be pulling our legs when he casually mentioned his sweetheart over lunch one day, saying, "I knocked Lynn up last week, and...."

Much sputtering from our side of the table.

A small, private forum I belong to, once upon a time was mostly TTC lesbians. Thanks to a few Aussies in our midst, we had much fun wiggling our emoticon eyebrows at each other when greeting word of a new month's attempts with promises to "root" for one another.


I am sorry to hear there is no news from the Authority. But it does sound like you have much to keep busy with in the meantime. We also call driving other people giving them "a lift".

I am starting the Choir next week myself. I am looking forward to it, although it will be fraught with social awkwardness, I am sure.

Valery Valentina

mhm, once after a difficult project I received an email (in dutch) thanking me for my "flexibilitit". Clearly a typo, but as the only woman on the project I had a good laugh out of it. (but did not notify the sender of his typo ;-)

Valery Valentina

(Glad to see Bionic around)
(in shock that a bad thing happened to May. Wishing unicorns her way to kiss it better)
(Authorities, gah, sounds head exploding-dingy)


Thanks, everyone. You are most cheering.

Andie, you'll enjoy the choir, I believe. You only have to talk in the break (which may present funny episodes itself as above), and have that shared sense of purpose. Absolutely worth it.


Just enjoying the idea of "awakened by a cock" in a german accent. In Latin class there's a good bit from Livy where Marcus Manlius is guarding the temple all night and is aroused by geese. Titter titter! I drew the Latin teacher an amusing comic of the scene, which she proudly displayed.

I'm sorry the place of acceptance is so far. The Ailing Parent, that seems unsolvable. But the Authority, Oh, how enraging. I hope that every inch closer is a Spot of Momentary Acceptance. A Boulder to Rest on of Brief Acceptance. And maybe a super fast car will zip up behind you and suddenly you'll arrive!

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