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twenty fourteen

Well, I don't know what I was thinking in the optician's. What am I, a twenty-five year old graphic designer? I am not the daring, out-there on the front-edge of fashion type. I situate myself firmly in the middle wave with some allowance for idiosyncracies, like whacky colours and/or handmade clothes. It seems, however, that I underwent what my father calls A Rush of Blood to the Head and now I look like the love-child of Carl from Up and Wendy Craig:

However! Be that as it may. Now that the existential crisis is over, and I have decided to cheer up and make the most of it, it is time to list the resolutions for 2014. I have whittled it down to this main one, from which other initiatives might spring:

  • Be more outward bound: stand back, Ireland, it is time for me to emerge from my shed in the garden. I am not short of friends, as such, nor indeed am I romantically lonely, but I very much miss being part of a work crowd, held together by a common purpose. This is at the frankly ridiculous level where I am have actual fantasies about water cooler chats with witty colleagues. So! Rather than diving headfirst into a proper job, I am looking into one of those modern hot desk situations. Some of them enticingly promise discounts on coffee and common areas where a person can "rub shoulders with other creative people" which I imagine I will enjoy. At least until the restraining orders against me come through from the creative types baffled by my sidling up to them shoulder first.

That's all I got, really. Oh wait:

  • Finish the online comic. Soon. This Spring.
  • And, continue Telly Ban Tuesday; jogging; try to meditate; blog weekly.

Dear all of you who visit me here, I wish you a very happy, prosperous, healthful, peaceful and fun 2014.
Go forth knowing your presence here is truly appreciated.

May 2014 be good to you.


Valery Valentina

Loooooooove the glasses!
and may 2014 bring you upheaval of the most pleasant kind.


While I'm sure you look very hip in your new glasses, I'm dying with laughter at your description of how they look!

Best of luck with your 2014 resolutions!


Thank you a and Val. I can assure you however that I look like I am dressed up as Elvis Costello. Happy New Year, you two.


You look lovely, very hip indeed, dear Twangy.

Wishing you all the best for this year. May it bring you All Good Things.



Snort! I am drawn to cool glasses that look appalling on me, so now insist that the person in the store pick them out for me. They choose things that I never would have, but that actually suit me better than those I'd choose. That said, you are certainly cool enough to pull off anything you want! I declare it to be true.

Anyhow, Happy New Year! I think the communal desk thing is a great idea. My husband mostly works from home, but has a place like that because he goes a bit mad after a while. I hope it works out, ditto all the other attempts at self-betterment or whatever.


And very good 2014 things to you, Andie and bunny.

I take your point, bunny, about asking for assistance in the optician's. Do I trust Those Young People. Do I. Hrmm. Well, they have a better record than I do.

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