[Ostrich metaphor to become apparent next time. Meanwhile: what a bizarro and wonderful creature!)

Hi all. Sort of a blog one-liner, though not of the witty Woody Allen sort. Days rather packed here. Of course, in true FEAST or famine style, this teaching job has neatly clashed with this illustration job, on precisely the same five weeks. OF COURSE they have, of course. This is the immutable law of the freelancer. The rest of the year's diary pages are untouched and virgin-like but these five weeks are full of smudged instructions to self, such as: practice music, make soup, buy ink. I am having to Plan Ahead. Adult.

Speaking of adulthood, I have a moral dilemma I need some guidance on, regarding some people I have inadvertently come to Know Something About in a way they could never suspect. Oh! It is difficult, isn't it, all this responsibility and Application of Judgement. I want to go back to being a teenager with nothing more to worry about than missing Top of the Pops on Thursday evening at 7.25pm, followed by Fame.

Off to visit parents now while the sun is weakly shining. (Btw, my mother seems to be still improving, if not dramatically. Thanks for your kind responses thereto. You are lovely people.)

Till Thursday, all.


Valery Valentina

oh, adulthood. And the ostrich, like fear, may not be the wisest counsel, although very discreet.

The other day, thanks to a flat tire, I found myself in the metro. A man across from me had his zip (fly?) open. I didn't want to attract too much attention to it, so promised myself I would say something in passing when leaving the metro. But when the doors opened on the other side I forgot...


I have a secret passion for ostriches. Oh dear...I've said too much.

It does seem like your life goes in feast and, well, not exactly famine, maybe noveau cuisine? cycles. I hope all of this STUFF is fulfilling and fun. I look forward to hearing about the moral dilemma. My favorite part of the sunday paper is the "social Qs" column, where pople ask about these kinds of prickly things.


Ostriches always look so fantastically cranky.

Glad to hear your mother is still improving!


"What kind of world do we live in, where a man would take another man's battle ostrich?"


Ooh, May, I didn't realise you were a fan too! LOVE IT.

You're flipping brilliant, so you are.

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