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Isn't nature amazing? Despite the rigorous campaign of neglect to which I subject the garden, it just keeps coming back.


I can't recall what those big shoots might be. Alium? Hyacinth? A Jack and the Beanstalk vine up which I can escape from this harsh and cruel place?

I am suffering from my tri-annual stinky cold. No need to waste sympathy on me, it really is about three years since a cold germ found a chink in the impenetrable armour that is my immune system. I have been staying at home in a rather dull act of civic responsibility. Dublin, you are welcome. Also, I don't feel unwell. I should probably be de-frosting the freezer or learning how CSS works again.

The sun is out today after some of the most awful and frightening weather I have ever seen, on the European Western Seaboard, at any rate. In Mericay, as we like to call it, I experienced all sorts of Mad Weather Phenomena with attendant earnest Extreme Heat/Cold Advisories from NPR metereologists: if it wasn't a hurricane, it was a heatwave, or a blizzard, or a thunder storm. You were either being beaten into the pavement with the heat, or cut in two by the wind. You really can fry/freeze an egg on your bonnet, over there, according to the season. To sum up: your weather is mean and trying to kill you, America. As if you hadn't noticed. 

I appear to be talking about the weather. This isn't good. Also, I just looked up the word "bonnet" to make sure it was English. 

Brain is addled.

However! My mother's doctors have rethought themselves (also doubtful if this is English) and her new medication is working. She feels betterish already! OH HAPPY (if sneezy) DAY!

Have lovely weekends, all.





Isn't that a crocus? Bonnet is certainly English, but the Americans generally use "hood of the car" or dashboard (because it's easier and hotter).

Feel better soon! Glad to hear that your mother's new medication seems to be working.


Ta, a. Yes, I think it is a crocus. It is the shoots that I wonder about and fantasise about climbing up.

Dashboard, you say? But that is the fake leather plastic bit just inside the windscreen! Which is the glass you look through when you are in control of a motor vehicle! Which is an automobile!

Ah, dear. Must lie down now.


O sweet spontaneous earth.

Thank you for the reminder that we will likely have some of that over here in a month or six weeks or whatever that rodent said this year. Hard to remember under the slush. Though perhaps I should be glad that the time of year I am stuck inside is not a particularly charming one anyway. Hmmm.

Your picture makes me think of one we took of the bean when he was a few weeks (6?) old, lying amid crocuses in the same botanic garden you and I later chased each other in circles around. A millisecond after the shutter went, he began absolutely wailing. Guess early spring means the ground is still quite cold. Oops. Mother of the year, over here.

Hope your cold is on its way quickly. And glad to hear about your mother's improvement.

(Valery, if you turn up here, I just saw and blushed at your greeting on the last post. Yours is the kind of blogger blog I can't comment on from the ipad, which is what I am nearly always on. Reading and thinking of you, all the same.)


So glad that your Ma is feeling better. That is wonderful.

Sorry to hear of your own tri-annual cold. I hope you recover soon. But look! You have time to ponder over the garden.

Speaking of the weather, we have had a heatwave or three here this summer. In fact, it's going to be 39 (celsius) here today, followed by a week of only slightly lower temperatures. Yikes.



Ah bionic, what a lovely place your personal botanic garden is. Fond memories. And yes. One day your environs too will defrost.
Hang in there.

Andie! Gaaah! How much? Thirty what? Adelaide, where my cousin lives, was the hottest place on earth recently, wasn't it? Oh to the emm to the gee. Mind yourself.


Life! There is LIFE in your world? I just shoveled fifty thousand tons of snow AGAIN. I am sorry you're afflicted, and envious of your immune system.

Isn't CSS on the way out or something? I mean, everyone still seems to use it, but I live in fear because it's all I know how to do.

Confirm crocus. By now it's probably blooming and you don't need our horticultural insight.


Bad case of spring fever out here in the Rocky Mountains. Am waiting for my own crocuses to sally forth, probably not for another week or two...

Last week it was -11 degrees (F) and tomorrow it is supposed to be 63...we do like our mercurial weather patterns here in the new world!

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