Thank you for your patience while the Twangy continues to turn [insert further alarming grinding and whirring noises]. I don't pretend to understand why, but this catching-up is causing some cognitive dissonance, uncertainty and, of course, tentative happiness, not to mention a storm of paperwork.

The crew of the Twangy anticipates being on track soon.

[Never let it be said that I let the chance of using a really obvious symbol go by. :)]

Hope you are well, all.
Catch you soon.



Not feeling very cognitive today.
Should I be alarmed? by the alarming noises?
Or is the paperwork a sign of Hope because it is adoption paperwork?
And is the tulip a symbol of the crew visiting Keukenhof this Spring??!!!?
I know, I need help. Weekend is almost here. And I should post on my own blog. Sorry, will stop now.
sending hugs and encouragement your way.


Valery! I was just having a daydream in which we two go through the tulip fields on the train one April, some day, not too far in the future..


Oh lovely tulip photo. I am also hoping the paperwork is for the adoption - most exciting! I hope the crew gets The Twangy in good working order soon. Perhaps a nice cup of tea and slice of cake is in order (serves tea cake stuffed with sultanas and covered in sugary glaze).


Paperwork is AWFUL. Why the Geneva Convention haven't got onto it I don't know.


That is all.


I think it's a very GOOD symbol. I feel tentatively happy, too, looking forward to some BLOOMING.

(Oh god, just realized in MY yard the deer eat the tulips the day before they bloom. Please let that not symbolically happen. FUCK OFF, Symbolic Lurking Deer!)

Is that rosemary in the background? Tarragon?

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