Finally, finally, finally, FINALLY, we are at the point where we are talking to actual agencies about adopting. A child! (As opposed to a retired greyhound, I mean.) Last night we had a long Skype conversation with an agency who spoke about it all as if it is all quite normal. (It was funny. The webcam was pointing, unintentionally, I presume, at a colleague in the background who was sitting there putting on hand cream and just sort of hanging around. Modern life is bizarre.) More importantly, they seemed capable, experienced and friendly. And so! A moment of patience, please, fellow travellers, as we very slowly and gently right the course of the good ship Hope to point towards fairer climes. Careful, now..

(Writing slowly and painstakingly on Shiny Thing here. Total exercise in profanity. Shiny Thing has had to learn some curses. Shite for one. Also is no punctuator. Blame it, The Shiny Thing, for gaps, lack of logic, and poor grammar. Must stop before head explodes.)

Have good weekends, visitors all. Let's hope good times for us all are not too far off now.

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[Shiny Thing had made such a hames of this I Just Had to Fix It.]



Shiny things are not good for typing long things. :(

Hurray for the new turn on the Ship of Hope! May fair winds speed you to your destination!


Oh! Oh! I am going to put on some hand cream in celebration! I like that your drawing shows how far you've come in your journey. That's a lot of wake. And the horizon is NEAR!

Valery Valentina

So Um: everyone still on board then!
Goosebumps on my arms.
Must get Suzy a proper passport now, so we can visit or fellow travel or arg stop let not my head explode. Sans shiny thing to blame.

And um2 I notice 4 chimneys. Why does that suddenly shout family of FOUR to my eyes?

Quite normal, how bizarre.
and and and can they tell you/ can you choose / are you approved for what age of a child? not retired you say. tiny/small/medium?
Oh and please educate me if this is inappropriate to ask. Just so excited.



That's all.


I'm so glad for that turnaround.

Dr Spouse


This is amazing news. Is it a Hague agency or do you have an extra Hague person like us? Have they done any Irish adoptions before?


Thank you so much for being excited for me. I am coming round! (off-stage: Tremendous whirring and groaning steel noises.) Hang on your backgammon pieces and your g&ts, travellers please. The Pearl is changing course!

Valery, a small human of 0-24 months possibly with minor or correctable medical issues is what it says on the declaration. You can always ask.

Dr Spouse, this is a Hague agency, which is starting to match Irish people. The first of whom is there now. And they have tons of experience with NL and Germany and so forth.


*screams with excitement*

*leaps up and dances about*

I shall now apply cherry-blossom scented handcream in your honour.


Thank you, May.

Steady as she goes!


(I especially am enjoying the hand cream thing. Also apple cherry blossom? Sounds a marvel!)


I did not know the phrase 'small human of 0-24 months' could make me feel just So Bloody Cheerful!

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