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March 14, 2014



Shiny things are not good for typing long things. :(

Hurray for the new turn on the Ship of Hope! May fair winds speed you to your destination!


Oh! Oh! I am going to put on some hand cream in celebration! I like that your drawing shows how far you've come in your journey. That's a lot of wake. And the horizon is NEAR!

Valery Valentina

So Um: everyone still on board then!
Goosebumps on my arms.
Must get Suzy a proper passport now, so we can visit or fellow travel or arg stop let not my head explode. Sans shiny thing to blame.

And um2 I notice 4 chimneys. Why does that suddenly shout family of FOUR to my eyes?

Quite normal, how bizarre.
and and and can they tell you/ can you choose / are you approved for what age of a child? not retired you say. tiny/small/medium?
Oh and please educate me if this is inappropriate to ask. Just so excited.



That's all.


I'm so glad for that turnaround.

Dr Spouse


This is amazing news. Is it a Hague agency or do you have an extra Hague person like us? Have they done any Irish adoptions before?


Thank you so much for being excited for me. I am coming round! (off-stage: Tremendous whirring and groaning steel noises.) Hang on your backgammon pieces and your g&ts, travellers please. The Pearl is changing course!

Valery, a small human of 0-24 months possibly with minor or correctable medical issues is what it says on the declaration. You can always ask.

Dr Spouse, this is a Hague agency, which is starting to match Irish people. The first of whom is there now. And they have tons of experience with NL and Germany and so forth.


*screams with excitement*

*leaps up and dances about*

I shall now apply cherry-blossom scented handcream in your honour.


Thank you, May.

Steady as she goes!


(I especially am enjoying the hand cream thing. Also apple cherry blossom? Sounds a marvel!)


I did not know the phrase 'small human of 0-24 months' could make me feel just So Bloody Cheerful!

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