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I've been rushing about, busily. I have been Out, many times, in fact, including "delivering" (as the current parlance would have it) a drawing session thing at a Very Famous Tech Company. So famous that myths have sprung up about it; so famous its name is now used as a verb that means: to search the internet. THAT ONE. Yes! All very fascinating - sort of a cross between a creepy sci-fi film and the spaceship in WALL-E. (I must insist you see this film at once if it has escaped you so far. Go on, I insist, like the cinema equivalent of Mrs Doyle. Ah, you will.) Everything is laid on for the employees in terms of gyms, medical care, free food (wall to wall chocolate bars and coffee (just as well they have no call for a middle-aged illustrator. I would be 120 stone.) All you have to give in return is every minute of your time and every drop of your energy! What a deal.

Quite the eye-opener.

I have also been drawing people in their shops. This is fun. This is more Getting Out. In all I feel (dare I say it? DARE I?) a feeling of excitement and the wind being in the sails. Maybe (radical notion) all our work has not been for nothing..? The JB and I are close to the end of our wading through of the documentation required for the US agency - so very very much time has passed that we need to be reassessed by the Irish Authorities. (Quick, let me think of something else before my head explodes. Gah.) We have been x-rayed, punctured with small needles, examined routinely. Our financial situation has been documented to the nth degree. Our house will be re-visited (though not in a Brideshead sort of way. More a Small ex-Corpo House in Dublin 9 Revisited.) by the social worker. Let them come and see, let them. I defy them to find anything remotely interesting about us.

My x-rays and blood tests came back. Reportedly, my lungs are "unremarkable". My blood tests are "normal". This is the kind of thing that makes me think doctors need to do some time over here with us, in the Humanities. Surely they can think of a more encouraging way to describe our bits. Nice and spongy, maybe. Characterful, lively, deep in hue? Or Lungs: a beguiling scarlet? I'll give them unremarkable! Normal? Hmph:


I discovered Typepad has "stickers" for your photos. And that they are truly mad.

Happy weekend, all. 



I am glad that progress is being made, Twangy dear. Re-assessment? That seems so unnecessary.I am glad that you are getting out and about.

Valery Valentina

Well, whatever you may think of Typepad and it's stickers: that crown is so very very timely: today is King's Day! And we celebrated yesterday, such a glorious summer day it was.

Re-assessment, really. Really? I should not prod because I don't want your head to explode. but Gah. So glad you have enough wind in your sails to keep sailing!

Just as well you did not end your post with the wall to wall chocolate bar. Because that is such a yummy image, at least the way I translate it: a bar of chocolate that is longer than I have ever seen before!
And the biggest bar of chocolate was a Toblerone of almost 1 meter !! ;-)
Aren't they the company that also has a giant slide in one of their offices too?
groetjes from Amsterdam!


Happy King's day, Valery. Groetjes from Dublin! If that means greetings? Or something in that line?


Hurrah for unremarkable lungs! Mine are now remarkable, and I can't say I care for it.

You HAVE been out living the Glamorous High Life, With Art And Meaning, haven't you? How splendid.

The Authorities are re-assessing you? Oh, bureaucracy, surely thou art a circle in Dante's Inferno, possibly the one with everyone jammed head-first down pipes with their feet on fire. May they also find you completely unremarkable and let your ship sail on to the Grand Important Family Expansion in peace and comforting speediness.

Dr Spouse

Yeah - the annual review - we had that while waiting. Just hang on to the fact that by the time we got to the second anniversary of being approved, we had a four month old.

And does this mean we get to see a Doodle by Twangy? Or School Of Twangy???


I love all of this! One of my students went off to work at That Company, and yeah, reports that it's very much a utopian movie that feels likely to turn dystopian at any moment.

WallE is kind of too poignant for me. Also poignant is the idea of something actually happening on the US Agency Front. GOD, can we at least move you into a different category of waiting, at least? BLARG!

Are those your REAL innards? What lovely clavicles you have! I bet you could make some nice art with them bones.


Love Wall-E!

Congratulations on all this progress and on normalcy for your insides. Descriptors are primarily used for abnormality, so I prefer the basic references.


Ah! Typepad permits me to comment. AT LAST.
Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement. [Feels teary.]

May, I am so sorry your lungs are "remarkable". It would be so much better if you remarkableness was confined to your mind, and sense of humour, which really are. I hope you're okay, over there. I will see you in the other place.

Dr Spouse. Yes, you know. You really do. The requirement for the annual renewal is A Pain because the Irish Authority does it only every two years. Pah.

bunny. Not my actual clavicles, I fear. They didn't see fit to send me on the x-ray. I would have had fun with that thing! Maybe they know about me. HAHAHA.

No, we are actually Quite Close to being done with the Irish and on with the Americans. I have more faith in them, and it's more of a Could Happen Any Moment sort of thing, once you're set up. Apparently I really am an optimist, because I feel it'll be not too long!

[Insert hysterical laughing off-stage from the gods.]

Thrilled to hear of all progress; eagerly awaiting next steps. Thinking of you. xxx

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