interim report

on what I've been meaning to say

I've had so many things to get off my chest, friends. Late at night and early in the morning, thoughts I must urgently communicate to the internet feverishly occur. I have one of those I-must-do-a-maths-exam-and-I-have-not-studied-AT-ALL dreams and I want to ask you if you have them. Do you? I accidently buy 27 Penguin bars in a moment of weakness and nostalgia and I want to ask you if you remember them. They were half price! Do you? P-p-pick up a penguin? (May only apply to this part of Europe.) I want to draw four penguin bars and tell you how the fourth penguin I ate was The Penguin of Regret. I want to point out that the Alicia Florrick walks like she has stone wellies on. I want to stare out of the window.

BUT THERE IS NO TIME. There was DONKEY DRAMA, The Rerun, (he is better now) further flurries of documentation for the American agency AND for our renewal, some work, some more work, many evening outings. Yoga, framing pictures for a show, life-drawing, drawing people in their shops, and PARENTS. I have much to offload on the subject of my parents. I sense a big life change looming and I am scurrying around in the face of it, half-hopeful, half-fearful, busily preparing. 

NONETHELESS. It is Sunday morning and before I leap into my car to visit the above-mentioned family members, here opens a moment of free time. We visited the notary on Thursday night and he put in two hours sealing and stamping so now our dossier is ready to send to the Authority. YAY. He was a terrible foosterer; and his house was impressively messy; he couldn't resist mocking me with a sarcastic HEAVENS, NO when I told him I had never used the JB's surname, and he kept telling us how arduous and lengthy the adoption process has been of late, (No! REALLY?) but I liked him, because he helped us, he was attentive and stamped, signed and sealed in a trusty manner. 

We have also sent off our renewal documents this week too, and these two things seem momentous and post-worthy.

A milestone:

(Green Irish seals. Pretty, eh? The red velvet seemed appropriate. :)

I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying/have enjoyed your Sunday.
Are you?


Dr Spouse

I am having a nice Sunday, thanks. I've been washing size 0-3 month clothes.


Ah, really? 0-3 month clothes, how wonderful.


I did have a rather nice Sunday, although it is now Tuesday. Recap: sleep in, read papers, sewing, bake shortbread, Husband makes dinner, watch Masterchef on TV (don't laugh please).

Hurrah for the milestone! That's wonderful. I do hope all is well with the Parents, and the milestone is just downsizing and the like.

I've never had a Penguin biscuit, but it seems they are made by McVities. Ergo, they must be good.


Andie, good to hear it. Sounds GREAT. I speak as one pitifully addicted to The Good Wife on netflix. Isn't that awful? No telly Tuesday continues, but in foot-dragging, reluctant fashion.


Valery Valentina was prevented from commenting by typepad (this is not what I expect from you, Typepad. [Glares over spectacles]:

No Time, Parents, Notary: YES all of them. No donkey drama.

And thank you so much for the link of the Penguin bar. Not that I know of them, but: Tim Tams, their down under cousin I will never forget.

Yay for stampy-ness. and lovely Summer weather Sundays

And I had to search Wiki for fooster, and learned about Athy and Hiberno-English.
can't wait for a post with sleeveen in it ;-)


Ah, the famous Tim-Tam! Intriguing. [runs off to look up sleeveen]


If the 4th was really the Penguin of Regret, you may feel free to send the remaining 23 to me. I have never tried them, and 23 seems adequate for sampling. :)

Your official paperwork looks both very official and yet equally festive. Hurray for Ireland!

Our Sunday was delightful, as we were taking a mini-vacation.


Wow, look at that DOCUMENT! It's so impressive. And insane, the paperwork. Please let there be a result some day...

I really want to hear more about the drawing people in their shops. It sounds so fascinating.

You've got a rich and romantic life, from the outside anyway.

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