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May 18, 2014


Dr Spouse

I am having a nice Sunday, thanks. I've been washing size 0-3 month clothes.


Ah, really? 0-3 month clothes, how wonderful.


I did have a rather nice Sunday, although it is now Tuesday. Recap: sleep in, read papers, sewing, bake shortbread, Husband makes dinner, watch Masterchef on TV (don't laugh please).

Hurrah for the milestone! That's wonderful. I do hope all is well with the Parents, and the milestone is just downsizing and the like.

I've never had a Penguin biscuit, but it seems they are made by McVities. Ergo, they must be good.


Andie, good to hear it. Sounds GREAT. I speak as one pitifully addicted to The Good Wife on netflix. Isn't that awful? No telly Tuesday continues, but in foot-dragging, reluctant fashion.


Valery Valentina was prevented from commenting by typepad (this is not what I expect from you, Typepad. [Glares over spectacles]:

No Time, Parents, Notary: YES all of them. No donkey drama.

And thank you so much for the link of the Penguin bar. Not that I know of them, but: Tim Tams, their down under cousin I will never forget.

Yay for stampy-ness. and lovely Summer weather Sundays

And I had to search Wiki for fooster, and learned about Athy and Hiberno-English.
can't wait for a post with sleeveen in it ;-)


Ah, the famous Tim-Tam! Intriguing. [runs off to look up sleeveen]


If the 4th was really the Penguin of Regret, you may feel free to send the remaining 23 to me. I have never tried them, and 23 seems adequate for sampling. :)

Your official paperwork looks both very official and yet equally festive. Hurray for Ireland!

Our Sunday was delightful, as we were taking a mini-vacation.


Wow, look at that DOCUMENT! It's so impressive. And insane, the paperwork. Please let there be a result some day...

I really want to hear more about the drawing people in their shops. It sounds so fascinating.

You've got a rich and romantic life, from the outside anyway.

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