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fighting the good fight

calm after the storm, or, possibly, between the storms

Apologies for the slight gap in transmission: I had what my mother calls A Back and it hurt to sit. The mighty Balmoral arrived and pushing it up the stairs (it was light! Honestly.) I managed to pull something. (Well, that's one version. The other one says the toilet gods were not pleased with my mockery of them and have exacted their revenge. Take that, lowly human! I CERAMICALLY SMITE YOU.)

Be that as it may, all better now, though I must adjust my working posture somehow. (Apparently we should all be standing to work. [Resigned eyeroll.] I mean, what next? Working while on the eliptical trainer? Could you be into that?)

We had a house visit from the social worker - the detective has been replaced by a social worker clone, with exactly the same conscientious, caring attitude, even the same intonation, only male this time. Remarkable! It went well, I thought, the usual faceache-inducing smile-athon, but I am relieved it's over - I hope an interlude of summer calm with very little mowing and minimal tidying might now follow.

See this?

Someone (being the JB) accidentally beheaded the whole flower-head of this foxglove a few weeks ago and it grew two new ones. Isn't nature amazing? Not to stretch a metaphor, but I was sort of hoping this could apply to me too. Not so much that I'd grow two whole new heads, you see, (they would argue) but have a similarly invigorating new burst of life. In fact, if we could all have a little metaphorical new head-growing, that'd be great, Universe, thanks.

Happy Sunday, all. I hope you are well.


Valery Valentina

maybe if I could work while walking on a treadmill I could stay awake better!
Marvellous idea!

There is some irony in a clone social worker, to clone a previous milestone. Glad it went well. (And if your previous silence is anything to go by you weren't as nervous this time?)



Thanks, V. Yes! Or no. Not nervous at all. Hurray. Maybe I'm cured?


I am very confused by this repeating of procedures. Still, interesting to see a cloned social worker.

I'm glad you have recovered from your injury, though. That sounds most unpleasant.

Nature is, indeed, amazing! She says, from the midst of a blizzard. (In Australia, indeed!) Your flowers are lovely.

We are heading off for our holiday soon and I am hoping that this will give us a new burst of life, or at the very least, a nice rest and some inspiration.


Ah, me too, Andie. Apparently they need to reassess us every two years? It's all very repetitious.

Is that that the word? It's early.

Have a lovely holiday, in any case. Snow in Australia! Lummee.

Dr Spouse

We had a quick visit at the 12 month mark, seems like it's common.

Still hoping for nice news from you every time I see an update!


Wow, nice foxglove! They are hard to grow here, plus deer like them. So glad your new bureaucrat is not any worse than the last. Here's hoping you guys haven't come crazy and unfit to parent since last time. I am having a Hurt Back, too, and my husband tells me that I should be taking a class to strengthen my abs, like HE does. And I am telling him to stuff it. But I have been doing some pushups at work, because they are good for lots of things, and I can fit that into my schedule. Then end.


Push-ups. Urg, hate. I do about 10 three times a week of the ones my physio (a woman) terms "girly" (I mean. Come on.) - where you stay on your knees? And urg, I feel your pain. We need to evolve backs which can bend over laptops better. See to it, evolution.

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