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interim report

because the post on the subject of the parents: care thereof requires time and thought, and I am in short supply of these, especially the latter. My mother is doing a couple of weeks in a sort of Rehab place for people with arthritis so we've been busy attempting to keep my father alive. The man can't boil an egg, no exaggeration, though to be fair to him, by rigidly adhering to the list my mother wrote for him, he has survived the first week. Also this week, our pack has also arrived safely in the USA. (Some documents need to be updated as they become available but anyway) I'M SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED I COULD CRY.

At some point it occurred to me that I might as well read the pages of blood test results I got back and they said I had a B12 deficency, possibly, which is no surprise given my non meat diet - well. I mean, diet makes it sound like a planned thing, which it is not. ANYWAY. The side effects sounded unpleasant (bleeding gums, weakness, confusion, pale skin, often with a lemon tint (??)) so I started taking B12 supplements, felt better instantly (I am highly suggestible, needless to say) and thus began a FEROCIOUS, ACHING HUNGER. This happens whenever I take B vitamins. Is it just me? I feel like my stomach is a vacuum into which someone could fall with sound effects: AAHHHHHHHhhhh! Bang. Anyone?

Also. I am seeking a toilet to replace our banjaxed, cracked one. Tell me if these names seem funny to you, or if it's just me, which I fully accept it could be. They are the old-fashioned kind, because the groovy close-coupled ones won't go in the bathroom:


These are toilets, can I remind you? Not hotels. Not Rolls Royces. Not yachts.

 The modern ones are called things like Melissa, or Zoe. Girls' names, for some reason. There are no Gavins or Declans. This is wrong, isn't it? Why should they be female? Pfft, marketing people. I would go for modest, solid names like THE TRUSTY. THE STURDY, maybe. Or, THE UNIVERSAL LEVELLER if you wanted to be philosophical.

And now in a perhaps futile attempt to raise the tone, here is a photo of the donkey standing in the ditch:


Happy Sunday to all. I hope you are well.


Valery Valentina

Rehab? don't they call it convalescence?
My mother's diagnosis was changed, as the polymialgia R. was supposed to improve dramatically with pred.nison and hers didn't, so wasn't.
She wears fingerless gloves now to signal people not to touch her hands.
Ha, list to keep father alive. Can he warm soup? That is how my father would survive.

That donkey looks like a movie star indeed.
Yay for paperwork!
In that list of wc's I'm missing the Sphinx!


Life is much easier when parents are available to take care of each other. Or when they learn to take care of themselves. That in-between part, where they require the aid of their children, is confusing and distressing for everyone. Hope your mum is feeling better soon.

Hurray for packets that arrive, donkeys in ditches, and toilets with exceedingly formal names! The things that make life more rich...

Valery Valentina

And, what a brilliant idea of blaming the Vitamin B for Hunger.
I'm taking a multi vitamin pill, so I'm not surprised I'm multi hungry ;-)


Vitamin B is hard on the stomach and increases stomach acid, which makes you feel... hungry. Or ulcerated. Um.

I would pay GOOD MONEY for a lavvy called 'The Universal Leveller'. Shut up and take my money. Take it.

I live in terror of my parents needing me. Isn't that awful? I've nursed my mother after major major surgery a couple of times and ME NO LIKE, chiefly because I had to tie her to a chair to get her to stay still and rest and stop pulling her stitches, and then the neighbours talked. So hugs.

Also, happily arrived packets!


Thank you all. You are great.

The Sphinx, excellent suggestion, Val! HAHA!

May: the light, it illuminates! That makes sense. Looking after your mother sounds very difficult. [Hopes fervently that May's mum will have no need of further care ever, due to amazing, robust health. Or maybe there could be robots to look after the parents? Then we could just visit. I am totally relying on robots for my own frailties. AMEN.]


So glad to hear the packet arrived safely. Yet more progress! Hurrah!

Having recently shopped for toilets myslef, I must concur that the names are ridiculous.

I hope your Ma is feeling better soon.

(Scuttles off back to bed due to the plague of the office flu, hoping fervently post is coherent).


Thank you, Andie. The office flu! Extreme urg. Get well soon!


I went to a plumbing showroom and got to have the experience of someone talking about the benefits of various models without using words like excrement or urine. Strange stuff.

YAY PACKET! Good sailing. I hope it went in a little steamer trunk.

Nice ditch donkey. He looks velvety.

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