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July 06, 2014


Valery Valentina

The only fight I have left is to fight snot, It wants to go places in my head where it can't and it hurts. Yes, after every paracetamol I'm grateful for two hours.
Sorry for not being more creative/supportive right now...

Womb For Improvement

I'm not very good at being assertive and fighting my corner either, so can't offer much in the way of advice. Maybe just disappear for a while yourself...


Why do you have to fight? People who are unreliable shouldn't be difficult to beat. Sorry for her troubles, but you stayed and worked, so that should be that. Keep that attitude and you shouldn't have a problem - you're the de facto project manager now, aren't you? (I don't fight with people; I just take charge of the things I want to do. If they don't like it, too bad.)

As to the Bouncy Castle situation...sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Apparently, when we were young, our neighbor worked nights. We would go out in the yard and make noise, and my mother would yell out the window for us to be quiet because the neighbor was sleeping. The neighbor found that much more annoying than whatever noise we were making. Eventually, you may get used to the yelling, and be able to tune it out.


Ah, the screaming of small children in public. When did this become acceptable to parents? We would have got a good clip over the ear for that, as they used to say.

I'm not very good at fighting either. But I agree with A's suggestion.



Thanks, everyone. It is comforting that other people don't like to fight either. Well, who would? Except when you just have to, in which case you just have to. And I have sent a honest email to the person in question.

I feel all assertive. (And just a small bit nervous about her response.)

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