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twangypearl is an artist/animator, married to a Kerryman, and living in the fair city of Dublin - which makes for the giving and receiving of many detailed street directions of our crooked and busy Medieval streets, and much hysterical guffawing at his wonderful Kerry-accented folksiness. Half the reason I blog is to keep track of this and other events that otherwise would sink without a trace into what passes for my memory. The other half.. well, who knows. I forget now.
**updated to add: Kerryman as above and I are now "pursuing" foreign adoption, and are also seeing attending a Fertility Clinic in the belief that eventually we WILL be parents, by hook or by crook.
***Also, twangypearl is a character from the BEANO (or DANDY, can't recall, unsurprisingly), that made a big impression on me as a youngster. She could stretch and bend herself to any length. Now that's something to admire, don't you think?

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art, animals, cartoons, stories, international adoption, graphic novels, the environment, hot chocolate, the internet.