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June 2006

Our Court Appearance

Hurray, the judge was from Kerry (like the masons but instead of secret handshakes they have The Kerrrrry Way about them) but we needed no favours, he just gave it to us after due (probably designed to make us respectful) consideration. You really would not want to be in trouble though. Everything is contrived to make you quake in your boots.

I am truly chastened though. I treated the lovely JB badly. I am so sorry JB. There's no excuse for it. My headaches and low moods are my responsibility and from now on, you are going to tell me straight away when I am being mean, and I am going to be honest about what's really wrong with me. I was so ashamed. I have the terror of being like my father sometimes, but I think I can beat it off with the anti-father stick. I am not him. I am really not like him.

It's not always easy, this intimate relationship stuff, I tell you. But I think we'll be fine. We are only beginners after all. We'll work at it. It'll be a labour of love.

runaway train

I had a funny dream that JB and I were stuck on a runaway train. Now how's that for obvious, subconscious? Ne'er a prophet appearing, or an angel with a message, or a magic talking baby. No. With the ecogeeko, it's trains, bridges, cliffs, cars with no brakes, teeth falling out, and hotels, for some reason, where I can't find my room. I take comfort though, in the fact that this dream had a fun, slapstick adventure feel to it. Somehow it was clear that we wouldn't end in a disaster but would somehow regain control of the "train" and be AOK.

It's a bit depressing though that so many of my dreams are like empty plotless reenactments of bad Hollywood disaster films. I need to watch more arthouse films so they can be populated by intense foreign types with complex relationships and the symbolic presences of cats or horses.

me adrenals are killin' me

Did a search for heightened smellification and found this alarming information on the internet:
Adrenal Exhaustion

Tired?  (yes actually, yes) Feeling that your mind is half a century ahead of your body? (you could say that, yes) Too much energy in your head and not enough in your feet?  (now that you mention it, yes! head is twitchy, but feet are motionless! yes!) Starting to doubt that you will ever again have pep and vigor? (I am without pepe! I am pepless! it's true oh, how, how did you know?)

These symptoms are epidemic among well educated, urban people, particularly those with Yuppie proclivities. (I am (sort of) well-educated! (if not actually high-achieving enough to be a yuppie) yes! thanks for noticing!)

I skim ahead and realise the news is dire. Let me not see! Take away the internet. Take it away, I want to deny my adrenal exhaustion! I dennnyyyy it!

And more to the point the match must be over now so maybe it's safe to go back in the sitting room. Let us slump now in front of the cathode-ray. That will cure it.

heightened sense of smellification

since the weekend I have had extraordinarily super smelling experiences. I can smell a cup of coffee from a distance of several feet. I could represent Ireland in the smelling Olympics. Only problem is, the smells are not necessarily good. Like for instance at the moment I can smell a light pig odour coming in the window. In the gym earlier, I was assailed by vomit. Why is this? Not to complain but I'd rather be able to jump a five-foot gate in one bound or something like that.

By way of changing the subject, here's a tree.

In other news, the bank contacted me urgently today. There had been so much "activity" on my account that they suspected someone had stolen my number. I had to confess sheepishly that all the transactions (aerlingus, yes, orbitz, yes, greenkarat, yes) were mine all MINE.

The pig smell again. Is a neighbour doing some pig-harbouring?
I have just read that the heightened sense of smell can be connected with pregnancy hormones. Huh. Nah. I don't think so. Maybe my hormones are just a bit batty.

JB pleased with image of self dancing...

..funnily enough. There was a time, when we didn't know each other as well that he told me he'd done "5 years of tap, 3 of classic". For some reason, I believed this and became convinced that the JB could really dance properly. This made me a bit nervous in the event of serious dancing opportunities. I couldn't do proper dancing! Oh, the potential embarrasment! the potential tripping and falling, the inelegance!

It came out after some time at such a dancing opportunity that it was "a joke" and a quote from The Simpsons. ('Tis a sad day when all your cultural references come from a TV show. Although let the record reflect that I love the Simpsons. And I love cartoons and think they are a completely legitimate adult art form).

So the JB doesn't dance, except in the sense of those random freeform shapes that anyone can throw, but which our generation likes to refer to as dancing.


Have finally after much thought sent off the announcement of the wedding to the people who might like to know. I always find it hard to write to a mixed audience. One on one I am better.

Noodle noodle:

Wish us luck

Dear all
I hope you are all very well.
As some of you know, we are getting married next month on the 28th (see below - any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental, of course). It will be a small party (of 9, between Kerry and Dublin sides) but when we come back from the post-nuptial travels (btw this apartment is free for all of August if anyone needs a place?) the plan is to have a bit of a party in September or so in honour of the event. We would love to see you then if you can come.
More on all this later
ecogeeko and JB

urban fox

A fox crossed my path today on the way to the gym in Sandymount, looking a bit scruffy and inexperienced. It was a thrill though to see such a wild animal so close up.

skype - uncut

[19:03:44] ecogeeko says: is your mic not working?
[19:03:57] ecogeeko says: obviously not eh? darn I shoulda given you the other one
[19:04:16] JB says: I got this one from Bryan's room.  It seems new
[19:04:54] JB says: No sound at all?
[19:05:25] ecogeeko says: are you going to book the tix? I am looking at the food, there are veg options okay, grand, but I think you have to pay for them like in a restaurant. might be worth checking, maybe not with the roommette
[19:05:53] ecogeeko says: no sound except that one wail, you saying "any good?" silence otherwise
[19:05:56] JB says: I'll look there now
[19:06:04] ecogeeko says: Maybe I should do all the talking
[19:06:42] JB says: Sure
[19:06:55] ecogeeko says: I am shy
[19:07:09] JB says: I am too!
[19:07:23] ecogeeko says: noone is going to believe that J
[19:07:28] ecogeeko says: not even as a joke
[19:07:44] JB says: Ah ... but I am ... I really am
[19:08:12] ecogeeko says: book the yoke J
[19:08:17] JB says: I so shy that I come around full circle and am forward in a shy way
[19:08:30] ecogeeko says: book the train shyboy
[19:08:40] JB says: I'll do it now
[19:13:26] ecogeeko says: meals included with the superliner roomette,
[19:13:40] ecogeeko says: I suppose that's our one?
[19:14:29] JB says: So Roomette from Chicago to Denver.  Seats from Denver to Salt Lake City, and Roomette again from SLC to San Francisco.
[19:14:59] ecogeeko says: I reckon. sounds good.
[19:19:36] ecogeeko says: the menu is a hoot, it's all american food like ranch omelette and fries. we will be obese
[19:19:58] ecogeeko says: but who cares, we'll be intermarried and..
[19:20:07] JB says: Two dumplings in love
[19:20:33] ecogeeko says: therefore will have someone at hand who has no choice but to love us
[19:21:07] ecogeeko says: the trick is to get obese simultaneously I reckon
[19:21:12] JB says: Love you sooooo much
[19:21:32] ecogeeko says: you'll love me more when there's more of me, I'd say
[19:21:57] JB says: Mmmm sounds good
[19:24:11] JB says: Total price $1063
[19:25:10] ecogeeko says: a mere nothing. go for it. are you able to book them all in one go?
[19:25:17] JB says: I'm going to send you on the details
[19:26:13] JB says: All in one go
[19:26:22] * JB sent file "AmTrack.jpg" to members of this chat

[19:27:05] ecogeeko says: johnny you can book a Bland Meal on aerlingus!! ha ah

[19:27:42] JB says: I hope they've got some sugar to go with that meal
[19:27:56] ecogeeko says: that is fab. just that lil gap between emeryville and Sf to fill
[19:28:12] JB says: can we try and talk again I'll move the mike around
[19:28:20] ecogeeko says: no I am shy
[19:28:27] ecogeeko says: oh okay
[19:28:38] JB says: So am I, really
[19:28:47] ecogeeko says: bah
JB asks if he can be heard.
[19:29:33] ecogeeko says: only intermittently
[19:29:38] JB says: I can hear you typing furiously
[19:29:47] ecogeeko says: ah! that's nice for Johnny
[19:29:49] JB says: more typing
(ecogeeko asks JB if he can hear her voice)
[19:29:58] JB says: clearly
[19:30:07] ecogeeko says: I am tongue tied now!
[19:30:12] JB says: Ohhh
[19:30:19] JB says: :(
[19:30:24] ecogeeko says: I feel like you are eavesdropping
[19:30:29] ecogeeko says: naughty boy
[19:30:57] JB says: I feel disempowered by my computer
[19:31:01] ecogeeko says: what about emery>sf? will look up amtrak or local train servicce I suppose
[19:31:17] JB says: I'll have a look now in a second
[19:33:07] JB says: Yes
[19:33:20] JB says: 6 bucks?
[19:33:24] JB says: Yes
[19:33:30] JB says: I have to type real fast
[19:33:35] JB says: Really fast
[19:34:02] JB says: Thats Rude!
[19:34:13] ecogeeko says: what was rude
[19:34:18] JB says: In and out
[19:34:27] ecogeeko says: is it union sq station?
[19:34:43] JB says: I'll check now
[19:35:21] JB says: Sorry about the microphones love, its a real pity
[19:35:32] ecogeeko says: that is ok
[19:35:34] JB says: But its keeping me quiet!
[19:35:45] ecogeeko says: there is actually a station at the moscone center! fab
[19:35:53] JB says: Really?
[19:36:11] ecogeeko says: it's about 45 mins only!
[19:36:22] ecogeeko says: everything is rosy and boootiful
[19:36:32] JB says: My amtrck session timed out.  I'll go through it again
[19:36:48] JB says: Its amazing to hear everything
[19:36:51] ecogeeko says: urg! I better let you go and do it
[19:37:02] JB says: Right oh
[19:37:08] ecogeeko says: can you still hear me even though the line isn't open?
[19:37:16] JB says: yes
[19:37:26] ecogeeko says: talk later Koo. xxx
[19:37:29] JB says: I can hear you lovely fingers dancing on those keys
[19:37:36] JB says: ah your laugh
[19:37:46] ecogeeko says: goodbye J. let me know
[19:37:46] JB says: xxx
[19:37:51] JB says: Sure
[19:37:56] JB says: Yes

Char-les Haughey

The original codger himself, truly the end of an era.
(UK radio presenters (even on the august and beloved by the ecogeeko BBC) call him Hockey, no no no! Haw-hee! repeat after me: Char-Les Haw-hee)

I have been on my own-ee-oo today working on this:

which represents the mind-numbing task that web design image re-sizing is. Nice though, eh? Anne designed it for her friend Stephen (owner of the tripod sheepdog).
Also worked on a proposal with Lisa. Not for the first time either. Lisa and I have put in At Least 5 Tenders and have NEVER got a job out of them. Nothing-ness. No-ness. (As the chimp says in Pig in the City). It's getting funny. Oh! I am so glad I don't take it personally anymore. Thank God for being in my thirties.