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October 2006

unibrow. the secret lovekiller

I lean over my beloved huz-band, seeing a small clump of fine hairs inbetween his eyebrows:

JB, you have a unibrow. That's amazing. I never noticed before.

JB, withdrawing from scrutiny: Oh no! I don't believe it! you said that word. That's the secret word that unlocks my love for you and releases it through my body, down and out! Oh woe no, not that word!

e: What word.. unibrow?

Spike came

saw and took out a lot of stuffed animals, some of which hadn't seen the light of day for 35 years or something. More, in the case of a rather elderly handmade duck. Spike knows that a stuffed duck says Qua, qua. He's also very good at "show Daddy this old duck".

How they make sense of the world is such a miracle. How did he identify that rough dull collection of hand-sewn materials as a duck? You can take it from me, the thing had only the most symbolic resemblance.
That's art, isn't it? Our total willingness to see one thing as a symbol for another, to invest it with emotion, to make it a character, to give it life.

Going out now to get passport photos so I can rejoin TCD gym. And to see Niamh O'Malley's show and someone else's (Devenny?) prints.

Qua qua

Michael Hogg

College has been throwing stuff at us this week. ALOT of things to see, read and think about. Michael Hogg came to see us on Thursday. He was a personable err.. person, with a funny way of pausing in mid-sentence frozen in a pose like this:

while he thought how to continue. He's shown in the Venice Biennale and so on though. These complicated science experiment gone arty, with weights and balances and some stuffed birds. Not the most accessible of work. That's one of the points. He said he wanted to ask people to slow down. They are not meant to be easy to understand.

I am really enjoying it all. 2 days a week is perfect. The rest of the class showed their work. Quite amazing.. They all have very rich and interesting inner lives, it would seem.

Oh and a JB-ism:
Was the bathroom getting a bit smelly? I saw you bought some deodorant.
That's for people JB. (as opposed to the deodorant you spray on smelly bathroom's armpits??)

Dear heart, JB.

That fecking reindeer

has finally gone to better pastures.

 Luckily, (Anne caught it), I learnt in time I had to provide an Illustrator file with cropmarks. So rushed home from the empire, fiddled with the bleed (bleed, stroke, it's all appropriate to the subtle mental torture that is graphic design), raced like a lunatic up to Hacketts where the girl got the thing wrong twice before producing the print (could have been I didn't explique myself well enough). At this point it was getting perilously close to 5.30. Post Office closing time. Ran up the street where they were actually in the act of pulling down the blinds. Nice girl said she'd give me the stamp and I could stick it in the bag, after I'd addressed it. The postal workers were meantime collecting all the bags and putting them in the green van. Only realised I forgot to send it express as said van vanished around the corner.

Decided not to worry about it. The more worrying thing was the fact that I was 25 years older. Graphic design, the ageing profession.

Today (post trauma day) some of my class were going to the Ball. Pretty hardcore I thought. I really couldn't come up with a reason why I wasn't going, apart from the too obvious to mention: I am a married woman of 38 who doesn't enjoy standing in a alcohol-fueled fug shouting over some loud music which she doesn't like or relate to with some drunk young people, (however nice).

I didn't say that. I am afraid the look in their eye will change when they realise I am in That Club.

John O'Connell

an artist came to present his work today. Kind of interesting drawings and paintings of landscapes drawn out of his mind. Sometimes he constructs an environment in the studio and films it, while he moves water, smoke and stuff through it.

He mentioned
Sarah Zse (Corner Plot in NYC)
Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Robert Wilson, the filmmaker

What a great education I'd be getting if I could remember this stuff, instead of entrusting it to bytes.