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December 2006

strange hiatus

I am sitting here waiting for something to happen.. all clients gone into a quiet coma-like state.

JB has been hilarious these days. Getting great fun out of him. last week some time I texted Flossie about J's present preferences:

J likes anything. a book, cd token would be perfect, but no need for a present at all for him, he will be happy with food.
(and more to the same effect).

Tragically and Freudian-ly I sent it to J himself rather than Flossie. Oops! Just as well he realises he's a Poor Boy from South West Kerry and indeed relishes the role. Dickensian scenes of pathetic gratitude from the Poor Boy have been playing out in a loop since:
"Tis true! I am grateful for anything! I am but a Poor Boy from South West Kerry!"
etc etc. I could go on. Apparently I am a kind charitable woman who took The PB from SWK, riddled with rickets, vitamin deficencies, poor posture, pigeon-toes etc on in an act of tremendous brotherhood and charity.
Well I am a kind person.

I have been coming out in a rash of ecards. Luckily I have a stash of symbols left over from my brief employment with that strange company known as R*wshot New Media. Odd place, that. No one talked to me for hours at a time, not the Goth with the spike below his lip (he was the nicest) not the French Canadian geek (not unpleasant) except for one bizarre individual from Dund*lk. Now he went on and on. In racist offensive terms. And then, to add insult to hideous boredom, frustration and imprisonment, they let us go on the day before 6-month period was up. No doubt this was a coincidence and nothing to do with the fact after 6 months, we would have had rights to redundancy packages. Nah.

Yesterday we went to Delgany on the train where it seems we have achieved a kind of notoriety. Our previously-mentioned rector welcomed us quite as the prodigal ones and even mentioned us in the announcements. It was 6 carols and lessons. Nice. I sang. J did not sing. We had some cake after chez Ma. The pater was in the boom boom wa wah host-y mood that the e finds a bit grating.

There's a Orange Square now on the asterisk, that sells soup, which is not cheap but rather good. Tempting, when waiting for clients to wake up from their slumbers.

We went to see Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday. Was good, gruesome and visceral and violent in parts, but good. A magic fairy world contrasts with a gritty Spanish Civil War. On the way home, I asked J to sum up the war in 5 simple sentences.
In the 30's (I am told) there was a political division in Spain between the right and left. At the elections, the democrats/republicans won. Franco got annoyed at this and invaded from Morocco with the army. Bloodshed ensued but finally Franco took power. When he died he gave the power back to the King, who promptly returned it to the people.

Ta dah! wonderfully digestible bite sized historical nuggets which are as McDonald chicken nuggets to a freerange chicken, where the freerange chicken is proper historical analysis.

I could be getting on with things now. Bah! Instead my clients are sitting on my roughs like particularly protective hens. Cluck cluck.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Pounce!

creative iron woman

You know those insane commando like iron man challenges? where the people who move too quickly for their brains to function run 100 miles and then cycle another 100 and swimming another 200? We-ell, I feel like I am engaged in a creative version of one of those.

To boot:

tig (*not exact real name as client stumbling on this page may have negative consequences for the e) the monster project from hell

brainstorm (also not exact real name): must drum up some action from my dry dry desert like imagination and come up with brochure, poster, teachers' kit for them by END OF MONTH

Presentation of project for college. this was pretty good. (Class had great ideas, more than the teachers.) Also has tremendous benefit of being DONE, put to bed, is past, finished and OVER

tutorial + submission deadline + more work on project + editing unfortunately future tense

Christmas card for a educational site
I liked that one too. Father Christmas in a behind the scenes er scene, spied wearing his longjohns and writing a list of presents for the kids. Ah! cutiosity!

Christmas card featuring Rufus. Will this be the year of "Rufus is absent"?

seeing shows. pressing this. Saw Conspirators of Pleasure and was really entertained. The space is great there. Sparkly warm.

Spike was great on Sunday. JB and I got a taxi up to see him and there was tremendous giggling and opening up of mouth with semi-chewed lamb inside and playing of hide and seek. Lovely sweet little boy, (the biggest in his group btw. Child has impressive buddha-like belly.)

Snooty neighbours have been complaining that the beetle (admittedly a bit dusty) is greatly  diminishing the value of the property. ha ha ha, big capitalist twits, little do they know there is an beetle harbouring leftist anarchist person lurking amongst them. On the other hand, pain. Got to clean beetle. The design classic btw! unlike nasty corollas etc which belong to neighbours and are truly offensive to the eye.

got to go now to yoga
no more time to moan