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February 2007

st val's day card

Beloved JB. My darling one, we are closer than ever. I can now think your thoughts, it's like magic. We are one.

st valiums' day

JB and e went to see Julius Caesar in the Abbey. Enjoyed it.. some of those speeches really brought me back to Inter Cert readings with Mr Hamill. And being in school after dark for events and how thrilling that would seem, seeing the home life of the boarders and running around the corridors excitedly, the school seeming so different away, transformed from its usual mundane purpose. Mr Traenor's choir at Christmas and the carols - his arrangement of Emmanuel. Benetton jumpers and not having to wear uniforms. And the debating team..

Julius Sneezer. The production was really professional and solid.
(JB gave e a fantastic recorder for St V. Am thrilled with it, will use it so much. So MUCH better than roses. I made him a cake. Unequal? and some tickets and a card which is very sweet I think you'll agree. Attaching it here. Must be said that JB was a bit disturbed by it
you'll have to double click to see the whole effect, believe me it's quite shocking).

I have had 3 days at home working on my project, reading stories, making monoprints and trying to put them together. Am pushing along slowly. I am realising now I tend to get a little bored and want the thrill of seeing things finished, the excitement of the new idea.. as opposed to the work, but, that it doesn't really matter as long as I plug along calmly. today I am writing up a part of Ber's talk. He really has a good radio voice. The depth of things is amazing when you look back on them. He describes things so well, it's only when you look back you can see how many layers of observation and recollection he puts into it.

No news on survey yet, apparently it takes 4-5 working days to type it up. Puff!

We went to the Screensh*w last night for our course. Skimmed around in double quick time, said hello, and left for a salad in the ifi. It was good to unveil the Johnny though.

Pasta possibly turning to glue now so must close.

massive deposit

made on house, now we are committed, subject to survey. JB had a bit of a wobble, but this is normal (for him). Pretty exciting.. have to make sure there is no asbestos in it, so must not get too excited.

Can't get very excited anyway. It's really cold (rigid, frigid conditions suitable for Christian mystics). And I am suffering a bit from post hacking cough symptoms. I feel a bit ropey. I seem to remember I never felt poorly when I was in my teens, when (ironically) I had a horrendous diet with no actual food in it.

Sam (our Erasmus student from Norway) gave himself a birthday party. Yes, not one to hide his light under a bushell or feel sad because he was far from home and no one knew it was his birthday, he went to Mannings and bought a huge cream cake (with sporadic fruit bits) and some candles, along with a small bottle of Hennessy and some shot glasses and we all stood around and had some. It was fun.

You can't argue with that.

Then we had a look at After effects and Isadora.

spike with his equipment

Spike perusing some spotted photos of Granny and Grandad on horses in the Camargue. Grandad looking a little uncomfortable, almost as if he is scared or something.
guyplaying 005.jpg

so many things

Oh crap, I am demoralised. I just wrote a long long document on the Generic Johnny, Spike, and no 6, the house. And lost it, due to incompetence.


Well, in the spirit of a photo being worth a 1000 words, here you go. Spike with requisite paraphernalia and equipment.

On the other hand, YIKES! our offer on the lovely no 6 has been accepted! I am excited. Oooo errrr. OOOOoooooooooooooo eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!