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I used to think

..that finetooth comb was a comb for your fine teeth
..that the flatiron building in NYC was pronounced Flateeron. I was 30 at the time.
It hadn't occurred to me that it might be named after its shape.
..that Bandaid was a pretty weak name for the campaign to end world hunger with music. It never entered my (pretty little) head that it might be a play on words: plaster, and Bands giving aid. You know, bands making music. Sigh. It's so obvious it's actually hard to explain.

In other news, we are now home-diagnosing the JB issue, with a little help from Dr Google. It could be he is having migraines we think, but he is going to see the doc in Kerry to make sure.

Am still reeling after the action-packed day in Old Friend's house. Seven children I tell you. It's a major operation getting them all fed, or up for the day or anything, really. Some are older though so they can be relied upon to look after them while OF goes to feed the horses or whatever. I don't know, it looks like fun in a way. But seven. Can you give them all the attention they need? Even if you do manage and make great efforts, you are still rushed with them, and surely they feel that? Maybe I am soft. I am. Smokey eats 3 times as much as OF's pregnant mare, for instance.. although she looks alright. The children were lovely, they were. OF's husband basically told me she had them all in the hope of having a girl. Is that a reason for having 5 boys? It seems sad somehow. It almost seems like a fear of being alone, of stopping for a minute and hearing silence. Is having 7 children a way of avoiding the invevitable, avoiding a fear of death, basically?

The JB - its health

Bit worried about the JB. He had an episode yesterday that lasted for a couple of hours where he couldn't see properly for time and then he couldn't read or understand words. It is true that the JB is a delicate spongy mystery wrapped in bone - capable of writing a PhD, understanding complex polical subtleties, doing mental arithmetic (impressive to the e, who is all but innumerate) and focussing on a thing for hours, weeks, months, till it bursts into flames, and, in the same breath, forgetting what you just told him one minute ago, confusing an olive and a grape, being unable to distinguish between DoMENico and DomeNICO, and yes, forgetting what you told him one minute ago. Tis verily a strange thinking machine, this JB.
He says he has had these strange absences all his life, including one last year in Kerry and one the previous year, where it made him sick.

My precious JB. Typically, his main concern: I hope you haven't married a crock!

unconnected synaptic happenings

1. I really felt like throttling a lot of people this week. Like those people that were occupying our video editing suite in college and, I dunno, some pedestrians who were walking too slowly.
2. Menstruation cramps and a return to tranquillity came yesterday. Pure coincidence I am sure.
3. Meeting with L, our coordinator, who tells us we have to show our work publicly as part of our assessment for the end of year. J, E and I (at least) are going to arrange something.
4. Huh, and that was another person who I nearly throttled, D, in my class,seems to think I am his employee or something, keeps telling me we need to do this or that with the site. And he hasn't even given me any content for his page.. knock yourself out, dude, I say.
5.Observation: JH is an unusual and charming mix of the childish and middle-aged. He skipped his twenties altogether. He wanted to know what would help him seem younger/older. Swearing I thought, would be a place to start. And the adoption of a surly attitude.
6. Mortgage approval ready at last. J and I have mad scheme to offer 450,000 for Iona, that house we liked but was too expensive for the amount of work it needed. That Em*r one will have a canary if this goes through, but I would say that's most unlikely given the asking price was 550,000. The canary would be a pleasing by-product. I think they are afraid that we will indeed pull out, what with the newpaper frontpages saying RIP, property boom, etc. Heh.
7. Got invited to t*g site launch.
8. Am off college for a few weeks. Nice. Then there may be a flurry of activity as I combine C*rtoon S*loon with show in April.
9. Had idea for storyboard, that they could be video or animation. Hmm. Must do lots of work over Easter break. No excuse after all..
10. Also have found more images for grafitti. Google, some annoying ads, and some funny grafitti that says UP CARLOW! 14 floors up on a half-finished building.
11. Northanger abbey is on the telly.
12. I am in the Ma's house.
13. The hour went forward last night. Jetlagged confusion to be expected.
14. Inconsequential thought about parenthood. Have been feeling moments of emptiness and boredom - presume parenthood would solve this? if in the most drastic jack-hammer to crack a nut way? wonder if this the reason people have them.
15. Am feeling smug about marriage. JH amazing, wonderful person. Hunch right! am clever devil. Oh, the wonderful warm glow of self-satisfaction!

biting windy Bank Holiday Monday

with flurries of snow.. Smokey was hungry, although there are tender blades of grass poking their way up in the field. I found a dead rat in there, clean pink paws curling in.
G gave me a lift down. Spike's new words as of yesterday: wallies (wellies), vi-eo (in fact it was a audio cassette tape, but isn't that a clever association?), horsies, gog (dog), mine (mind. You have to hold all his swag as he gathers it and not fall too far behind). Again! wow! He is a big propent of the exclamation mark.

He's really going through a learning burst. Old hat sayings like sorse and nennie are discarded forevermore and new words are being taken on all the time.
He also has his own use of Uh-oh! As in "Uh-oh! Watch out, I am going to do something naughty!"

I am a bit obsessed with children. Have been feeling happier about it, since recently it has become clear(er) that what we should do is adopt one. These revelations strike at 5 am, over and over again, and they seem to be The Answer.

We'll see if this one sticks.
Mortgage application proceeding in the background. I am impatient but in a deliciously excited way.

Some photos of snowy fields in parents' house:

I like this one. Like paint.

Spike's birthday

I finished that DVD and brought it up to show to him. I must say if he'd been trained for years for that very purpose he couldn't have given a better performance. He was thrilled to see himself and Mummy and Daddy, and his card, which is this:

(specially designed for him), and to make all the appropriate noises for all the different animals: apparently a horse says tsch tsch, btw. When I gave him his books he said: Wow! a book! Then while Daddy watched the match, we went out in the goiden and said "run!" and ran a bit and watered some plants "Again!" and "Again!" and beheaded a lot of jasmine flowers and unfortunately a little white flower which only had two heads, both of which are now lost. Gar said he's happier when there are two people there and I should go more. Maybe JB and I could do some football with him for the next match..
I have the wind in my ears still after cycling from Ranelagh to IMMA to see Georgia O'Keeffe. Kind of disturbingly fleshy I thought, but powerful in their way.

Back now and I can hear the thermostat on the ceramic hob clicking and some annoying tinny Oirish music from Haddington rd. Let the slumping begin I say.

Prince regent returns to Kerry amongst cheering crowds

Hurrah! all hail the Prince of Kerry! JB has repatriated leaving poor e a bit bored but yet tranquil and somewhat content. I do like having him around. He's my boy. Getting married was a good idea.

Went to the public library. Am ripping through books these days. My selections are a snapshot of my life:
Teach yourself Flash 5 in 24 hours
making babies by anne enright (too cool for capital letters apparently)
Broke Heart Blues by Joyce Carol Oates

This kind of relates to my web scraping idea where you would collect 4 images randomly from flickr and sequence them as if they had a meaning. hmmmmmmmmmm. Must investigate. Too many ideas at the moment. Ideas, projects, notions circling my little brain.
Went to gym too, just a trot on the machine and on the cross-dresser. No I mean cross- skier. Work is quiet. Just finishing PC's site and feeling that little tickle of guilt that means I feel I should be working on a college project rather than making DVDs of honeymoons and small children playing. There's no real pressure there, that's the problem.

Also 2 blasts from the past in the last while: BN from America, my flatmate, (mentioned in previous post) and AH rang me today Out Of The Blue, saying she had been thinking of me a lot recently. Incredible news: in the last 8 years since I've seen her she has had FOUR more children to add to the THREE I already knew about, that makes SEVEN. Holy flying babies and children! As if that wasn't enough, she also has three horses, one in foal (naturally fecund). Holy flying babies and horses! Talk about snapshots of life. Wowser. It's like she is bolstering herself up with life, surrounding herself with children and animals to shore off loneliness... SEVEN (not that there's anything wrong with that :). I was happy to hear from her, because funnily and spookily enough I was thinking about her recently too, but I suppose I feel a bit funny (as in huhrrrrmm, really? sceptical) about the belated expression of regret about not keeping in touch. Hmm. I will go and see her and the family (7! might take a while to get round them, hello and who are you? and you? and you?) and see how we get on. I don't know how much we'd have to talk about. Or as I remember.. she used to do the talking. She was a kind girl too, a bit headstrong maybe, convinced of the latest thing. But nice. I remember feeling a bit drained by these talkathons, which always seemed to happen on her terms. But like I say, we'll see. Nowadays I am better able to negotiate these things.

Spike's birthday on Friday. 2! as he likes to say about his fleecies which he drags with him everywhere.

skype blatherings

06/03/2007 16:48:35] JB says: Hi love
[13:45:29] eco says: just back. flossy gave me a lift
[13:45:29] eco says: seem to have another cold..
[13:45:29] eco says: hey Johnny
[13:45:29] eco says: how are you?
[13:47:58] JB says: Hi love xx
[13:48:11] JB says: I'm well, as you can see I plunged into work
[13:48:20] eco says: good for you..
[13:48:28] JB says: Feeling rested?
[13:49:14] eco says: not too bad J. Just got an email from Brooke saying her dad died at Thanksgiving..
[13:49:28] eco says: really sad, but I am glad she emailed me
[13:49:37] JB says: Oh, that so sad,
[13:49:59] Jb says: Would you like me to get a mass card?
[13:50:26] eco says: he was difficult but they were close in their way..
[13:50:46] eco says: I'll think about the card. maybe I'll just write to her, or send some flowers
[13:51:11] JB says: ok love
[13:52:11] eco says: just got another tender from scoilnet.. Johnny, you know what?
[13:52:24] JB says: What?
[13:52:31] eco says: History wasn't history at all, but Ireland Long Ago
[13:52:43] JB says: Oh, the Celts or the Vikings
[13:52:54] eco says: so I have to get rid of pics of great wall of china etc
[13:53:04] JB says: Ah, that's a pity
[13:53:30] eco says: crap. but no doubt some day I'll have use for a drwg of the first Ford and plane and Columbus
[13:54:35] JB says: I was talking with landy
[13:55:21] JB says: He said not to worry, but he has the contract ready for signing
[13:55:22] eco says: does he need an illustration of Columbus
[13:55:29] JB says: I'll give him a call
[13:55:55] eco says: you have got a lot of letters J, from Rev etc.. but none of mine have come through.
[13:56:09] eco says: hopefully before end of week
[13:56:28] eco says: tell him I have a silver dart airplane too
[13:58:45] JB says: Oh, I'll use that, if it can get me to Ceylon
[13:59:05] eco says: ceylon J? not cahirciveen
[13:59:26] JB says: I want to travel far, but also back in time
[13:59:44] eco says: you are a demanding boy
[13:59:46] JB says: Two trips for the price of one
[13:59:50] eco says: lucky you are pretty
[14:00:18] JB says: That's what I tell the people I fight, "not the face" "never the face"
[14:00:48] JB says: the Canadians got back to us yesterday, and were very positive about our paper, so me and Dave are working to get the changes made now
[14:00:56] eco says: do you fancy a salad at millers tonite
[14:01:02] JB says: Great!
[14:01:21] JB says: I kept the office
[14:01:37] eco says: Oh that's great J! my hus-band the doctor of political science
[14:01:39] JB says: The last two episodes are worth watching to see how the plot devlops
[14:02:07] JB says: Hopefully we're get the revisions back to them fairly soon
[14:02:21] eco says: oh that office!
[14:03:02] JB says: I'll got to lunch love xx
[14:03:12] eco says: I am delighted for you kooky
[14:03:24] eco says: I must have lunch too
[14:03:25] JB says: Thanks babe, its exciting,
[14:03:28] eco says: talk later
[14:03:29] JB says: xx
[14:03:35] JB says: (inlove)
[14:04:06] eco says: xx

easy like Sunday mor-or-or-oh-or-ning

Yesterday was Sunday. JB and I jumped in the Big Fat Car That Belongs to Spike’s Dad aka e’s brother and went to visit your grandparents. Spike, you stayed at home and watched videos. No, you didn’t. You came down with us to do some stamping in puddles. It was a wild rainy day so we were stuck inside looking at books and carefully examining old clocks. Now you are nearly 2, and you can say: It’s broken! Bob! (by which you mean, fix it!). You can name a lot of animals and make the appropriate noises. “Nenny” is now a thing of the past, never to be uttered again. Now you say Sorse! when you see any equine at all, including the symbol on horse traffic signs. You (normally) like to say Rarrrr! for a lion, although at times the lion might as easily say “no”. You know some family member names, I, the e, am known as Bobby or Bebbie, my father is Baba (Popa?), and my mother, your Grandmother, without whom you would not exist, Spike, is known as “This”. In the last two weeks on the other hand, you have made the leap of consciousness that allows you to know you are you. Now instead of pointing out everyone in a family photo, except yourself, you know Spike! and love to grab photos or video cameras exclaiming his name in the hope you might be featured. You don’t recognise baby Spike though. He is “bibby”, as if you wish to cut off all ties with your past. Bit young for that, Spike?


Since you got the videos of Bob from your cousin, you have become rather involved not to say obsessed with that character. Bob the builder, uttered with a drunken slur, is your preferred mode of greeting. In fact JB along with the telly is known as Bob at times. Which is close enough, I’d say, for that bold blow-in from Kerry.


We had fun with you. When it stopped raining, we decided to go out for a run in the garden. JB and I put on your boots. JB: the last time I did this, it was with an action man. You took off his uniform and turned him from a German to a Brit.

If you say so JB. You are a handsome and charming devil and an impressive black

We filmed Spike more in the field. Wah-ter! I am going to make a DVD of you for your birthday, with some photos of animals.

My father’s uncle Stanley (of whom I had no notion) died at a good age this week. Apparently he was in the Royal Marines. I know this because there’s an poignant photo of him standing beside a ship now appeared in the conservatory. My granduncle and I didn’t know of his existence. What is that? as they say in USA. Is father (in Spike-like way, as above) desperately trying to cast off ties to his past?

Now it is Monday and I am skipping college (This and Baba away at birthday party in UK) to sit here and regard the effects of the wind going by. It’s nice to be quiet. This week was quite the social whirl: Tuesday, we went to see Kids’ play produced by Somewhat Worthy Theatre Co in Tallaght on the LUAS. Tremenjus. No, it was good. Wednesday, hmm. Can’t recall. Ooh, an Indian meal?? Or not. That could have been another time. Thursday, Launch of Green Party Campaign in Dublin South East. (Interesting. Can feel self being pulled in.) Friday, meeting with mortgage broker and lovely Snidecastle (may not be 100% correct spelling of Norwegian word for party where everyone brings a dish) at J’s house. Saturday: watching of Science of Sleep (Godney?? Sp??) and obsessive watching of The Office (series 2) including special features. Sunday, as above. Monday, frustration with c*ptivateph*tography site. Sigh. Brain lame day.

Lame Brain day might make more sense. Unsurprising? Brain is lame, see?

Might have to go to college tomorrow if this level of thrill continues, as it could have consequences for my heart. Oooh, it’s five o’clock and time for PM on BBC Radio 4