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Spike takes suncream with aplomb

Salville House

The weather was lovely and the house peaceful and quiet, beautifully shabbily chic - the meals were so bursting with flavour it almost hurt to eat them - and though they were 4-course and at 8 o'clock (a problem for our nursery-style eating habits) it was undoubtedly the best vegetarian cooking ever. EVAH!
(Oh dear, I couldn't resist that.)

Cannellini bean puree on bruschetta - goat's cheese and asparagus - and Eton Mess, Thai curry, roast vegetables, monkfish, ginger creme brulee. Mountains of it. He earned his money, that G Parker, (a ex-groover partial Alan Whicker type, but without the blazer). He and his wife were very discreet and professional and the breakfast! homemade bread and fruit compote (and the JB picking out the raisins and putting them back in the jar..) and walking around the lanes, which were dead quiet apart from the occasional monstrous Roadstone truck which would brush you into the ditch without even knowing it. And going to see the 1798 exhibit in town which was very entertaining, if a little like eating pre-digested bites of History McNuggets. They had these big model books and a huge chess set, depicting the crisis of the time, and the emphasis was definitely on the global context of the Revolutionary age in France and The Netherlands - rather than on the Irish Rebels on their black and white ponies with their crude weaponry.

More pictures:

The JB was as ever the best company I could ever go away with. The first night, he was starved and gobbled 5 slices of bread with his starter, and was full as an egg afterwards. There was some theatrical groaning and lying perfectly still on the bed. But his stomach proved to be made of steel, or more likely Hogan's SupaVastE-lastic and he was fine the next day.
I read his story, The Journey, which I really liked a lot. We could maybe make a graphic novel of it - I like that idea, of making something handmade for no-one but myself and JB. And I sat in front of the fire, which though not necessary given the fine weather, was lovely, with the dog, Jumble, who made some very realistic (imitation or possibly real?) orgasm noises unless you patted him in the way he wanted, and a lot. It was so nice to be away from the TV noise and all the demands of life. Many of which I manage to dodge in any case it must be said.
Speaking of which, we are trying to finish c*ptivate. Again. In perpetuam. For evah.
And evah. (as above, irresistible!)
So must go to it.


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