Spike takes suncream with aplomb
weekend of 21/4

Spike fell

All was going well. Life was full of excitement, promise and a wagtail you call "BUD!! BUD!! BUDD!" as you ran after him across the lawn. Run, run un-un-un! And CAR!
The concrete bottom ditch of our neighbour looks tantalising, and beyond? beyond are the HORSES! And they are wonderful. But wait! a bramble is waiting for your little (slightly pigeon) toes! A trip! A flying! A fall! and everything is horrible, horrible, cruel and mean. You go pale and cry broken-heartedly. Bobby picks you up and carries you effortlessly  back to Granny's house. You sit down with her on the sunlounger, her heart thumping uncomfortably, and feel that life might be about to improve again. The will to continue to live could be found. And when you show Daddy your KNEE! and he is sympathetic, and examines the minute spot of pierced skin, and tiny spot of blood, all is well again.


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