Spike fell
a week full of activity, movement and turning of corners

weekend of 21/4

I am in my parents’ house while they are in Spain with the brother of e, his partner, and Spike. It is to be hoped there is not an plane crash since I would then be left bereft of family except of course for the redoubtable JB.

And now, some random updates on the state of play:

  1. My class are (argggggggg) unable to arrive at a consensus about a name for the end of year show.
  2. This is as foreseen. But it makes doing the site, buying the url and sundry rather difficult. However I have decided that this is not to be taken too seriously. Yes, it’s a lark to be in a show, but I am not in the same Wanting to be B*no phase of life as the classmates are. I am more akin to Larry David who wisely remarked when getting his Emmy:
    This is all very nice and everything, but I’m still bald.
  3. It occurred to me that I should be addressing the visitors to my site as Robots, as opposed to Non-existent readers. Since while I have no hits from the NERs, the Robots are a faithful (if insensate) audience. Thank you, Bots, thank you. I do it for you.
  4. Last night I was tormented by my cramping aching poor oul uterus. Pregnancy might be uncomfortable, I understand that. But remaining barren is not all that easy either, I’d like to point out.
  5. Sigh
  6. I am knackered, as they say in Dublin.
  7. Someone just trotted floatingly by, down the lane.
  8. And that reminds me to say, we now have 2 swallows in the garage. Sammy and Sally are back from Africa. Which must mean summer.
  9. Not that I mind.
  10. I quite like the winter. Although it’s nice to be able to nip out and feed Smokey in the morning in the dressing gown.
  11. As long as you don’t run into anyone.
  12. For instance, every morning there are two robins in the barn waiting to be fed with the horses. They seem to have opted for the indoor life, in what they seem to view as a kind of avian hotel where room service comes twice a day, in the form of pasture mix for senior equines. True, they were born to be wild, but are now living as voluntary and rather demanding inmates who fall over each other, squeaking excitedly in an attempt to get the most mollasses oats in their beaks. They are now losing their fear of humans. Anything for the oats man! Gimme the oats!
  13. Etc
  14. Robots, I hope you like this post. Mine is to serve you.
  15. I made sesame noodles at lunch. Pretty nice.
  16. It’s windy today. My batteries are rather flat (see no. 4, 5, 6 above)
  17. My lovely Ma left some chocolate chip cookies in the jar. They are not long for this world.
  18. I didn’t take enough calcium this month. Pish!
  19. When will e learn?
  20. Had interesting conversation with JB about compulsive liars. I have come across a few in my long illustrious. One, was an insecure 15 yo kid in school who liked to tell people he was the drummer in a (at the time) cool band called Mama’s Boys. Fairly tall, you would think, but obvious enough it was to get attention. A-creepier-nother was a fellow in his twenties in C*rel where I used to work years ago (makes image-editing software, Bots, as you know) who let it be known that he had a life-threatening heart condition from which his sister already perished. Then someone who knew him from home told us his sister was in fact un-dead, that is, not that you’d understand, Bots, alive.

Bit of a whopper, and hard to explain that one. A way to sleep with lots of women? Surely there are easier ways?

  1. I have known a couple of others, but they were not in that league. They were both more interested in making the immediate present easier for themselves, and would lie to that end, never minding the consequences, the humiliation, the lack of respect and the loss of faith and relationships.
  2. People are strange, not just strangers.
  3. To paraphrase The D**rs.
  4. I am reading RESTLESS by David Lodge. I do like him. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait.
  5. JB is wonderfully transparently honest. I love this about him.
  6. xxxxxx
  7. (Sorry if this makes any Bot feel sick).


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