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the thorny subject of the Pater

All is safely gathered in

Very little happening.. I am in a calm inbetween state of being. It's niiiiiiiiice. I can entertain myself with little dreams and be happy I feel better than last week.
Except that the family who look after the land for my father managed to fit in a quick cut, whisk and roll inbetween the lengthy showers.

Like so:

My father watches these goings-on as another (more normal?) person would a match on the television. He was glued to it for hours, and practically let out a shout of triumph and a punch to the air when the last round bale rolled heavily out of the baler like a huge egg being laid.
"We did it!" he cried. "All is safely gathered in."
The same royal "we" as play in the International Irish squad I presume. He looked for a moment as if he would have his own harvest festival in celebration over the dinner table, but that passed, thankfully.

My father, the armchair farmer.


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