la grippe
All is safely gathered in

placement project II

I have been having fun working on my drawings for my placement. It's so wonderfully restful doing it for myself, just sitting at my desk and drawing for hours.
Like a meditation..
Recently I have been so inspired by Blankets - Craig Thompson's book.. a total immersion into the world of the teenage Thompson's life, with all its emotional swings and drama - it's a simple story about growing up - finding his feet despite the pressure from his strict Christian parents and his first experience of love, and all that raw and excruciating emotion of being a teenager, embodied rather than illustrated in the drawings. Reminds me of the wonderful Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld in that examination of that teenage self-consciousness. Oh the agony! not even being able to walk or talk without thinking what I was giving away by it, and thinking what a fool people thought I was..

Also looking at Jimmy Corrigan now - it's harder work and less immediate but now I think I am learning to drive it, and it's a unique journey with many deadstops and 180 degree turns.


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