Testing for human kindness
summer of 2005

summary of summery

1. My sinuses have been giving me a small but mean headache. JB got me some bromelain today..am holding out hope, despite label saying it is helpful for arthritis and omitting to mention sinus pain.
2. Also, not much. Pushing ahead inchingly with builders and plan for house.
3. JB going for job interviews.
4. Am still not mammy, which is good. Also still not mammy (in the expectant sense) and this though not good, is not really bad either, for the moment. I am calm.
5. My mother is in great form. So is the Pater. Have arrived at a calmer state of non-irritation recently with latter. It occured to me that he wasn't so bad, he was flawed, true, but not without good points. Am being objective!
6. Bought an external harddrive and it took 24 hours to backup the contents of my harddrive. Now (too late) I realise that when my previous PC died suddenly a couple of years ago, I transferred all the contents of its harddrive, including the system files - so that is - yes, The Entire Shooting Match, to this one and never had the nerve to delete them, in case I should need them again. And herein lies the mistake. Must stop this madness before I do it again with the next machine I get, and end up with a harddrive contents inside harddrive contents inside harddrive contents in a never-ending telescope of data which takes a month to backup. (This puts me in mind of aphids which I was fascinated to read are capable of reproducing asexually - the mother already contains a daugher inside her, and that daughter contains a daughter. Impressive eh. Although the thought of having a genetically identical clone of myself is a tad alarming. I have noticed for instance that I am not very tolerant with my own faults found in other people. Janey. Imagine if I was actually seeing them all, as well as projecting them. My head would explode in a fit of self-righteousness).
7. Tried to go to Evensong today. Turned out to be non-functional in the summer. Pity. But the intention itself seemed to do me good. We walked back through Herbert Park.


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