moving on

The JB came home for about five seconds and turned straight around and left for Boston where he is giving a paper at a Pol Sci convention - (not to be confused with a Sci-Fi convention). I always miss him like mad for a few hours and then cheer myself by thinking how I can have the remote and watch DVDs of The West Wing till they come out my ears, and then I depress myself by thinking that 100% control of a remote is a poor substitute for the JB's warm and humorous presence in my life, and then..
well I won't go on. It's bad enough having to listen to this in my head without duplicating on paper.
My tenant has paid his deposit and will move in on Sunday! HOORAY. I can't wait for all that to be resolved. And also hooray! I just fixed my wacom tablet which had mysteriously given up the ghost. Its light was on, but it wasn't turning green like it is meant to when the pen touches it. So it was a little surprising (after long international calls to Wacom support who advised me to buy a new one) to find that all that was required was for me to push the plug home firmly, and not leave it to hang half out, like it was. Well, not surprising to me at any rate. O, lovely Wacom tablet how I missed you.

My goodness. I am hungry. Even for me, I mean, whose default position is one of gnawing emptiness. Lunch beckons. I think I'll go to the Botanical Gardens later and draw a bit.
And thus I conclude this inconsequential missive.

(I feel less sad about all that. Of course it is always hard to know if I am afraid of being a mother, because I am feeling low, or if I am feeling low because of my on-going issues/attempts to be a mother. But today at least I am affecting a insouciant and fatalist demeanour).


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