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before and after

Laparoscopy Day on Thursday.
It really wasn't so bad, just like May said. (I mean, if I had a choice between a frozen shoulder and a lap, it's a bit of a toss-up, but I'd have to go for the lap).

The worst part was being left (fasting! on an empty stomach! that is, hungry! and thirsty! I think the point is made!) to wait in a series of windowless rooms for hours, being interrupted every once in a while for a blood test or to fill in a form.

So far I haven't been given any before and after images, so I have improvised:



Or, you know, something like that.



I hope the comment I posted previously, and which seems to have been eaten by the interwebs, doesn't suddenly reappear and make me look like a wazzock.

I said something along the lines of, ah, yes, the thirst. THE THIRST. It's awful. When I came round from my lap, the cup of vile, stewed, sweepings-of-the-tea-factory-cellar, tea the nurse gave me was the loveliest thing I think I have ever drunk. (full story here , and , in case you were in the mood for solidarity. If not, pray delete URLs and ignore me).

Best wishes for a swift recovery from all the bloating and aching and ow and may your stitches heal beautifully (mine went yucky. Oh dear).

I love your drawings. 'Heavenly parkland' made me snort with laughter.

Hairy Farmer Family

As I meant to say before and remissly didn't: Get Weller Soon!

I have asked my Dr for a photo of my lap. Because I am quite weird. It will not be nearly as good as your super, super drawing!

This talk of hunger and thirst... concerns me!


No, not remiss at all! Am grand, better than ever, I feel much lighter without those monster-cysts/endo. Hoping you'll feel similarly renewed after.
Try to get in early in the day, (if you have a choice) to minimise dread hunger/thirst. You'll be grand.


Janey Mac, palpitations, really?

Thanks for encouragement on the drawing. I always loved it, but was definitely one of those who made up for minor percentage of talent with a major percentage of practice. It's such a pity so many people are discouraged about their abilities. Everyone can learn, I am sure of it.
I want to teach the world to draw!
(in perfect harmony, of course).

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