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Menopause, the preview!

Two days ago, I went to the GP to have my hormones murdered suffocated momentarily surpressed via zola.dex. I am almost pleased to say that she was nearly as confused as me as to what exactly the ChildDr was up to, and kept asking me what I thought the plan might be. We went over the scenarios a few times, and she explained the zola.dex effect (temporarily to push a woman, kicking and screaming, (in my case), into menopause) before she finally, in a spirit of, "ah sure, you might as well" plunged the waspish sting into the fat of my belly.
I had a few lip wobbles on the way home. My inner voice-over kept saying: but I don't WANT to go into menopause! (I am assuming I am not the only one with a inner voice-over? Anyone? ..anyone? Mine sounds like it's about three), maybe because I didn't understand the need of the treatment, and wasn't prepared for it. A chugger (charity mugger - we have the highest % of chuggers in the world per capita in this town, a fact I have from a reliable source, ie. me) approached me and losing heart as she saw my face, just said: How are you? on a falling intonation. That even a chugger knew it wasn't a good time to "talk for a minute", as their euphemism has it, says it all.

Since then, I have been trying to see this as a positive thing, a nice calming, time-out kind of thing, where my ovaries realign themselves with the House of Leo, or something, and get all happy and productive.

However it is difficult not to take brooding account of every passing whim and give it the name of side-effect. Like I have a slight headache at the moment, as if I had a few too many last night. A side-effect, no doubt.

Lack of energy? SIDE-EFFECT!
Bad mood? SIDE-EFFECT!
Poor sense of decorum? SIDE-EFFECT!

No hot flushes so far, though, in fact, I have been even more chilly than usual of late.

I am finding myself really tedious. So in an effort to make my Month as a Menopausal Woman fun, I am calling it, Menopause, the preview! Which sounds like it should be, (maybe it already is), on Broadway. I am thinking how I could illustrate it.  More on this later..

In the meantime, I finished that job. In the end, they went for an animation of the members of staff jumping into a box, to illustrate the fact they are moving. Here's that Busin*ss Development Manager leaping:


Any resemblance to Mi*s Piggy (who is a very pretty pig anyway, don't you think?) is purely coincidental.


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