The cure
Technology vs Twangy

head = MT

  • Zero inspiration today. Zippo. Have been fiddling away with one little banner all day. And still have nothing. No-thing. A non-banner.
  • It's so cold and dark out. Hibernation seems reasonable, realistic option.


  • PMS, perhaps? I do feel a bit crampy. I haven't been crime-fighting* since - emm - the neolithic era, it feels like, but was in fact September. This is only an effect of the zol@dex, and not for any other, happier reason, more's the pity.
  • On my to-do list I have written MIT HAT. I hope it's nothing important, because I certainly have no recollection of what it might mean.
{*Euphemism for PERIOD, (agree with May. Hate the word) the use of which expression causes flashbacks of the most excruciating, lying on the bathroom floor-ish moments of my teenage years.

I thought about and rejected these:
  • Playing Man U (do they play in red? I don't know. I want to hibernate.)
  • Fighting the Commies (rejected on grounds that am a bit of a pinko myself, in some ways)
  • Watching Channel 5 (no real reason for this, except that we only have 4 channels. Not because we think we are intellectual and want to spend our free time revising our Dante, I hasten to assure you, but because we cannot be trusted with the remote. We zap insanely, get sucked in and end up addicted to The Hills.
    Alright, it's me. I do.
  • Finding yourself in a conundrum. As in: I'd like to go salsa dancing tonight, but I'm in a conundrum.
  • . This, a full-stop (yes, you know what our American friends call it). Cryptic? As in: I'd like to go synchronised swimming tonight, but . }

    Thoughts welcome, as per.
    (Though if you're even still here at this point, I'm very impressed!)


Womb For Improvement

I love a periodic euphemism.

The flags are out
Surfing the crimson tide
On the blob ...


All, including the p word, are better than menstruating (just my opinion)...


For the Mit Hat on your to do list check this out:

For euphemisms, whatever you do do not use AF, Aunt Flo. It's mean for any infertile called Flo. (Flo is what my brother calls me. He also had a kid this year so made me an aunt. SO not fair) Don't make me cry again.
Maybe go for something werewolve-themed? moons?

I'm with you on the no inspiration. MT means management team in our house. I don't think that is what you were making your head equal to?
Time for hibernation, is there still room beside that polar bear up there?


Stalwart awards to all for commenting! Like "The flags are out". Yes. Evokes breezy ocean scenes with wooden recliners. Nice.

Agree that the m word is the worst, a. Really. The worst.

Ah, now I remember what the MIT hat was. The JB dropped a weighty hint that he wants a cap with MIT on it (as brainy types in Boston) for Christmas. Phew.

Flo is the other worst, Val. Brothers are mean, too. Agree!
MT was an eg of some very 6 year old humour which I can't believe I actually sank to.
MT = empty.
Oh dear, sorry!


I tend to call it the Crimson Menace. Or, if I'm feeling vaguely political (after all, I grew up in Italy in the 70's) Attack of the Red Brigades. I tend not to use that on my blog as only fellow Italianates would get the very black humour involved.

The red full-stop is very good.


The Crimson Menace is powerful and - well - menacing. Excellent!
What an interesting life you have led, May, growing up in Italy. I went in my twenties. Loved it, really. If a bit intense.
(Want to go back, now. To my twenties, I mean. Proper adult life is too serious by far.)


How about Munster are playing at home? (to non Irish readers, Munster rugby team are the southern region rugby team and their kit is red)

The painters are in.

I also use the crimson tide.

Or the red headed witch flown in on her broomstick.

Some people call it a visit from Auntie Jane, which I find quite disturbing since I myself am called Jane and am an Auntie to 18 kids and one on the way. I hope none of them equate me with a period.


Good ones, Jane. Painters, I like that. Nice renovating vibe. Aunty Jane's visit is new to me. And out of respect to the real Aunty Jane (ie you) I will never utter it again. And not Aunty Flo either, since Valery hates that, quite rightly. Those are Out, forever.

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