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The cure

This morning I stepped magically through the force-field into the inner sanctum of the illusive surgeon. He was a rather forward, twinkly older man, who wasted no time in telling me to take off my top half. (Slightly panicked moment while I hoped the vesty thing I was wearing to show shoulder off in didn't count as clothes. Was I really to stand there in broad daylight, 100% topless? No, it turned out.)
Then he made the usual comments about how young I was to have this problem! Goodness me! Young! Arthritis! (Or arthuritis as we call it in Dublin). Depends who you ask, I mutter, when they say that. And did I do a lot of sport to cause all this wear and tear? Err, no. Luckily! If I had, I'd be totally banjaxed, to use the correct medical term, and in early retirement.

[Aside: Do you ever wonder if you might have an undiscovered talent? What if you just never got a chance to shine at curling, croquet or lion-taming? Maybe you could have been a natural at the luge? I have a freakishly good sense of smell, which is the only one I can think of.

If only smelling was an Olympic sport.

Aside over.]

The long and short of it is that I have to have the manipulation under anaesthetic, where they lever your arm back and forth, and depending on how that goes, maybe a shoulder-oscopy, (the proper word escapes me now), because the improvements I have seen don't seem to register with Twinkly Mr. But this is okay, if it's really the cure. I don't want to be Twangy Pearl the Arthritic Woman.

It will happen early in December, the same week as my IVF appointment with the ChildDr. They say I'll be physically be up to seeing her on the Friday. Though I don't know if this is optimistic, from the psychological point of view. (Advice welcome). I might try to move the ChildDr forward, although this might be tricky as she is going on her holiers after that. (She is only twelve, after all.)(Hee! Sorry, Doc).


In other news, the Noddycar was subject to another attack recently. Some fecker/s kicked the door in until they could prise it open, (Typepad doesn't know the word "prise". Or "fecker". Sheltered?) and rifled through my glove compartment, where they found nothing valuable at all. This was annoying. But then Willie Horan, car bodywork fellow, workshop at Glendalough rd, Dublin 9, fixed the door for me for FREE! so now it doesn't leak anymore!
Willie Horan who restores cars and faith in humanity!

(I am spreading the word).



I'm guessing typepad is American, where it would be pry or fucker.

I prefer to have all of my medical issues taken care of all at once. Otherwise, I just have to keep remembering appointments and dreading the next thing. If I can write off one week entirely, I prefer to do it that way. But, I'm a little odd.

You mean people other than my dad call it Arthuritis? He was of Irish descent, so maybe that explains it.

Hurray for Willie Horan!

Jane G

Woo hoo for Willie! I have a brother in Drumcondra so will spread the word.

Your post reminded me of the first time I had to seek medical help for my back pain, at the age of nineteen. I shuffled, bent over like a ninety year old into the orthopedic clinic in Castlebar hospital. I swear I was the only patient under 65. And EVERYONE asked me how old I was. Scarleh I was!
Good luck with both upcoming appointments.


Thanks a, good points. Maybe you're right on the appts. I'm a little odd too, as if you didn't know.
Yes. "Arthuritis" was the Irish heritage emerging. Definitely.
And Jane, too. You poor thing, I hope the back got better? You were very young to have that - (oops! Sorry. It just slipped out ;)). Hope you're doing as well as possible, with the waiting it out. And are keeping nice and dry.

Womb For Improvement

Early December for IVF thats, like, in the next couple of weeks.


Drumcondra sounds magical, just like Stoneybatter and Ballybough. No wonder you have to step through force fields to meet Twinkly doctors. Long beard maybe, Pointy Hat?
rational me would think that shoulder stuff is mostly fysical and therefore separate from IVF stuff that can be emotional and involving decision making?


WFI: Soon, eh? Eek! I have to give it some thought. And read up a bit, to know what to expect. Not sure if my policy of willful ignorance is the best way to go this time.
Valery, your image of D9 is wonderful, though I don't know if the reality would quite match up. Ehem! About the appts, am just a bit worried about the fuzzy head you get after an anaesthetic. But maybe the fuzziness has its benefits too? I don't know. ??


Re: fuzzy headedness. MAKE NOTES. Lists, even. Lots of bits of paper. And meaningfully tick things off as you ask them, and add a big cross if you don't get an answer.

I'm sorry the shoulder needs Some Serious Interference. Fingers crossed for you that it works. Poor shoulder. You don't draw in a clenched sort of way, do you? It's dreadfully hard, being artistic, you know. ART-uritis. Sorry. That was the most appalling pun. I should delete it at once.


Thanks May. Yes, lists are a good idea.

Mysteriously enough, it's not the drawing shoulder, but the left one. If it thinks it has Art-ritis, it is sadly deluded :) It doesn't know how to do anything, dopey thing.

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