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Technology vs Twangy

My facebook account has been deactivated. Some spammer might have/has assumed by identity, and could be spraying spam around like a madman with a hose. I am having some weird alienated Orwellian vibes. For I do not exist anymore. I am a greyed-out unperson. I am not a clickable option.

But you do not need Facebook to live! No, srsly. I am not that fond of it, to be honest. It's mildly amusing, but it's so superficial. It doesn't encourage honesty. If I really did tell it what was on my mind, it would jar horribly and everyone would think: Du-ude! Down-nnner!

Also, since I am in the mood for stating the obvious, all sorts of people can find you there. All sorts. Some of whom may be better off left in the past, where they belong. I used to go out with an Italian man, some centuries ago, when living in Pavia and going to nightclubs thrice-weekly with a dedication you see in other people when they train for the Olympics. He broke my heart in tragic and dramatic fashion (or so it seemed at the time), and so it was with mixed feelings that I received his invitation to be friends. Friends! HAH. Don't make me laugh.

Whereas, blogging, that's different, isn't it? Blogging is a first person narrative that cuts through all the distractions and allows real voices to be heard, in the gloom. It has complexity, it has flexibility. It can give people the freedom to be themselves. It makes it so much easier to find the small percentage of people that are Your People out there in the world.
Speaking of which - err - whatever that was I was on about, my SPAM filter is playing me up no end. It deftly nets all sorts of interesting and important emails and cheerily waves in plenty of ones informing me how my tool can grow like a flower.

This is maddening. And it is so very crap (Eircom mail-protector- Grrar!) that it won't resend them, so you can see the title but cannot open it to read it. I can see one from HFF there, and I want to read it! (Sorry HFF! I will get back to you eventually!)

I better go. Got to get some blood test or other, hep or whatnot.

Your non-existent,





The dark side of technology is really out to get you - hackers and spammers harassing you on the one side, and a spam filter working backwards on the other. Retreat to the nearest cave before the microwave comes to life!

(I hope the blood test works out OK, because I've had to go back for repeat tests and it's not really my favorite way to spend 15 minutes.)


YES! I mean, sorry to shout, but, a, you are right on my Orwellian wavelength. Best assume a neutral expression and pretend to listen calmly to the piped radio - but watch your back! They are out to SPAM you!


ah, but in the comment-comment you are full color again, so now you re-exist. Blogwise at least.
Did the lab confirm? Or is it just me thinking that blood flowing from my arm is proof of life?


Yes, Val, you're right, I re-exist! Those in Authority nodded benevolently in my direction and decided to admit I do in fact continue to be around. Hurray. I can be poked again.


I've given up on Facebook also. Partly because people who had made my life a magenta hell of humiliation at school kept trying to get me to friend them. Ahh, that would be NO.

Blogging is good. Blogging is where the articulate imaginative people hang out.

How did the stabbage go? When do you get results?

Womb For Improvement

I just rejoined facebook, but in my dog's name. Not because I want to write cutesy dog-based status updates but so that my current friends will know who I am but the folk I went to school with, and who insist on putting their kids photos in the pictures, can't.


May, yes. Agreed. Weirdos from school/college with conveniently short memories can go and jump at themselves, physically impossible though this may be.
On tests, no results forthcoming as of now. But was just Hep and HIV, which I have previously been proved not to have.
WFI. Novel idea, disguising yourself as a dog. I like it, tricking facebook and not adhering to their terms and conditions. Ha! Take that, facebook. Hee!


get a gmail account...get a gmail account...get a gmail account...

/subliminal messaging.

Or at least hotmail! run from eircom!

I enjoy facebook. I do not enjoy the random friending, and I either refuse or I put them on restricted view. Any day now i'll change my privacy setting and return to those days in which not only could randomers not see my profile, but I didn't even appear on a facebook search. Those were the days...


ooh-err! I am coming over all funny. I feel I have to.. get a.. gmail.. account. Yes. Now...

(Thanks QoB. A very sensible idea which never entered my head.)


It's easy, I promise. I have two! and you can search for emails and colour-code them and all kinds of other wonderful things.

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