The Mental Has Left

back in the saddle again

Look! After 11 sessions of physio, an MRI, an X-ray guided steroid injection, and a manipulation under anaesthetic, I can:


but to be able to arm wrestle for my country or even, lift something that weighs more than this:

I have to do weights. (Urg?) Normally I never go to that testosterone-infused part of the gym, where the men are puffing away, and feel a bit funny about it. I might have to improvise at home instead, with cans of beans.

But you know. Good news! Shoulder is getting better. Now I am to keep an eye on the other, allegedly well-behaved one, which may, as they do in a percentage of cases, freeze up itself, out of sympathy. I have to test the range every day, a thing that always occurs to me to do in public places, before I forget. I have already hailed myself a cab by accident.

And, Smokey has been cleaned up, and is now awaiting in-betweens, and corrections to the tail, and to the volumes etc. Still, here is the work in progress:


Giddy up!


(PS. It was exhausting to watch, so I limited the loops. Refresh him by pressing F5! Oh, and it seems he doesn't run in firefox. Or only sometimes. Sorry, firefoxy people.)



He runs in Firefox for me! And has so much personality for a line drawing. I love the way his little head comes up. Excellent. (I'd like to do some corrections to MY tail!) Congratulations on being able to lift very heavy matches again. I look forward to hearing about your massive biceps after a few weeks of bean-lifting.


Smokey looks great and he runs really fast!

Glad your shoulder is working, but watch out for those cabs. Or, apparently, move to New York, where you would get a daily workout just trying to get one cab to stop for you!

Womb For Improvement

So are we going to see you with and orange tan and pink bikini flexing your muscles on World's Strongest Woman soon?


Ha ha! Tickled me pink, that alternative vision of myself did.. Oh stop. Ribs aching! (Now like Yoda, don't know why I am talking though).


Thanks a and Bunny. Must do those in-betweens and see if it makes him smoother...

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