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reminder to self on how to animate:


  • Clothes should be ancient collection of mismatched fabrics. Try to look like a lunatic.

Yes, that's it:

Litter liberally with provisions, including:

  • a caffeine-delivery system (coffee, tea, JOLT etc) in bottomless mug.
    (No risk of dipping brushes in it by accident, nor poisoning yourself with a draught of white spirits, unlike when painting. So easy!)
  • paper with funny holes in it, and pencils, sharpened to weapon-like points
  • an animation wheel
  • music



  • Don't forget to adjust perception of time. A second is a long long time, like 12 drawings long.
  • Act fast (Har. Silly reference to a film there). In animation college you could witness rows and rows of students acting out goofy swinging a bucket and sitting in a chair, for one of their tests. That is, I mean, acting out Goofy, goofily. If this means alarming the neighbours by galloping around the garden, being Smokey, so be it.
  • And, GO! Animate, animate like the wind!

I haven't just been talking/thinking about it, surprisingly enough, tempting though that is. (Here are the knotty drawings for you, Valery!) I squeezed in some ruffs (as they say in the biz) of a gallop cycle:

And then I put the roughs in a sequence. This is the exciting bit - even very rough thumbnails like these can create the illusion of life:


One final thing:
  • Remember this: how you love this stuff.



Good golly but you're good at this drawing lark.

Go Smokey go!

All artistic and creative endeavours are to be undertaken with a) a shawl on and b) a caffeinated beverage nearby. I am now totally stealing galloping round the garden into the bargain.

(I own several shawls, including one I made myself. I even wear them in public. Why, no, I don't care if I look unhinged. Whyever should I?)


ooooohhhwsum! I love it! just like Avatar the movie! (but they cheated and used computers and stuff)
you are famous, I saw it in the comments over at Stirrup Queens.
I love the top middle ruff very much (he could be jumping on a trampoline there, so look-at-me-happy!)
Am going to make popcorn now for full enjoyment of movie, all the running makes me hungry!


Aw, thank you May and Valery. You are stars. I like shawls too, May. My Ma made me this one and I don't see why they should be a sign of derangement, particularly.
Absolutely a practice thing, btw, the drawing. Seriously. Really mean it and will be spouting more on this.

Must get to Avatar. Sounds amazing.
Am I famous? Yikes! Am shy, retiring type of lunatic. Oooh-errr. (Flatteredly).


That's so cool!

You are famous - go check the comments!

I'm too short to be a fan of shawls - I just look like I'm wearing a blanket - so I go ahead and do that instead. It's warmer.

Womb For Improvement

awesome. I could watch it for hours.

More please.


So cool! And, yup, famous.


Wow! I would love to have your talent. That is so cool!

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh, my WORD! Magnificent! Yet so simple. Want to try myself, although as I cannot draw, plasticine seems the way forward...


Ah yes,  I have often said, you are a total natural for claymation. A natural, seriously. I know these things, HFW. You only need a camera that takes a frame at a time, a tripod, and your characters.

What are you waiting for?



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