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Fermanagh seems like a dream to me now

seven things that maketh me to smile

Several aeons ago, the lovely May tagged me for this meme. Thank you, May. I love this sort of thing. I have been wading glumly through the drear the past week or so, not helped by further dreams in which I die, so it seems high time I did it.
(Obviously I don't believe that superstition that says if you die in your sleep you die in your bed, as I am still alive, and have thus disproved it. Hurray. However, I may have to revise opinion if I do in fact die. Un-hurray? I will update you from beyond the grave, in that case. Something for us all to look forward to!)

It's not easy to confine myself to seven.


1. Our local park, which has a walk up a slope underneath big old chestnuts, a foot-bridge over a high river, and, occasionally, bonus ducklings.

2. My bed, especially when freshly made with clean sheets. I have always loved my bed, since long ago when I was a baby and my Grandmother inquired: Does that child ever get up?

3. Being silly. When we were addicted to watching The West Wing on DVD, for instance, I used to sing along with the theme tune, as tunelessly as possible. Very therapeutic, I tell you. Somehow that lunatic habit, embarrassing enough in this early manifestation, mushroomed as if it had a life of its own into the JB leaping to his feet at the beginning of the show and doing interpretative dances to the theme of ER, complete with punch to the air, along with Dr Benton. Don't ask me how that happened.
It was a slippery slope. Oh dear, I am a bit morto now.

But one day, I'll youtube him, and the world will be united in laughter.

4. Free-wheeling down a hill on my purple bike.

5. Coffee - which my system mistakes for a Class A drug - especially with friends. Oh, coffee-time!  So much fun!

6. Internet radio - listening to the world, through a magic black box. I love the intimacy of radio - the way it becomes a soothing soundtrack to your daily life, filtering in the sounds of all across the planet.


7. Making stuff. Fixing stuff. Growing stuff. And the ping that you hope for when you put the stuff out there, in the world, of course. Life would be meaningless without the ping.

And for my taggees I choose.. you. I can't possibly restrict myself to seven of my blog comrades. Sophie's Choice! Ce n'est pas possible! Non, non, the very thought is making me speak bastardised French. So you, reader, are enjoined to share your seven. Please?

Your alive and kicking, or at least twitching slightly,



That park looks lovely! Great list...


Ooohhh, good idea. I am right there with you on 1 and 2. I love a nice park, or any green space, especially with ducklings. Even better if they are bonus ones.

As for bed, well, bed is quite marvellous really, isn't it? As it is all grey and misty and cold here today, one thinks one will take to one's bed with the vapours. Complete with large cup of hot chocolate and victorian novel.


Please draw more ducklings.In fact, if you could find a reason to draw a whole lot of baby animals, that would be a thing that would make me smile.

We have a series of rituals for various tv show theme songs, including one for the West Wing (a show I adore). One involves making our arms into geese who then rhythmically bob their heads. So yeah, silliness.

What are the details of the residency? When does it start? How long? What will the JB do?


I love the ducklings, too:) That sketch has put a smile on my face. Lovely park. And you must YouTube your husband - especially when he does the air punch thing. And yourself. As a tuneless singer, it's nice to know that I have company.

Thank goodness for the pings.


More ducklings coming up!

Janey, am I glad I am not to be the Only One, wrt to the silliness? I AM. It makes me happy to know there are two bunnies far far away in a place I have never been, who were being geese to the very same theme tune that I used to massacre so gleefully. Aw.


I've never thought to sing along to the WW theme song, but I love to sing along to Dr Who's, much to my husband's amusement/annoyance. And I've been known to do an interpretive dance or two, but we won't speak of that.

Womb For Improvement

You make me smile Twangy.


What a great idea.
It will take me a loooong time to think of 7 things though.
... but this post just made me smile so that's one ;)


Ooh, thanks, everyone.

I am chuffed to think you are amused by my antics.


Ooh, ducks! Parks! Clean Sheets! Coffee! Radio! Silliness! Making things! I like you!

(I draw a line at freewheeling. The last time I tried that, I somersaulted off at the bottom of the hill and took all the skin off my elbow. So I am now (wimpily) terrified of bikes).


Hi! still there? I'm afraid the ducklings are almost fully grown now...

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