and all that mighty heart



I am stuck at the Frame One stage myself and now it's almost noon. Wait, maybe it's a cross between Frame One and Frame Three ("OOOooh! Updates!).


Alas, I am not so much. So I read your lovely post and in return all you get is this lousy, single syllable:





Oh, I LOVE it! And it looks like rather a nice day. (I hate annoying munchers, by the way. There was a time when I pretty much refused to go to movie theaters because of them, and their evil kin, annoying texters. STOP TEXTING! STOP IT! STOP MUNCHING!) Um, anyway, fantastic drawings as always, and a lovely peek into your life!


Oh bunny, I know. And The Glare did nothing! The annoying muncher was Glare-immune!

It was a really good day, if a bit unproductive. This is an actual record of what I actually did, and it was quite an eye-opener both in terms of how little I did get done, and how quickly the hours go by. I had my phone alarm set to go off every hour, and it seemed to be going off every 20 mins.

Yikes. Oh, well. Not every day can be a big muscly day, right? Some are nice and gentle.


Fantastic chronicle! There would be much more eating in my day!


I absolutely love it! And now I am in love with Lucy Kinsley too.

I think this is quite amusing because I often have days like that. I do think it is nice to have them now and then, then buckle down again the next day.

I wish I was clever enough to draw a comic :)


Love it.


Cannot believe I am in a chronicle!! Too chuffed. Mine would definitely involve some blackhead squeezing, far too much in fact. Once glared and shushed in a cinema and got called a muppet, or more accurately a muppeh. Hasn't stopped me glaring though.


This is lovely.

(I confess - I am jealous. My job doesn't let me go walk dogs with a friend. *sigh*).

irretrievably broken

You're not reading...THE TOME...are you???

Ah, come ON. It's your literary HERITAGE!


I love this strip - a day in the life:) And this is exactly how an entire day can be whittled down. But at the same time, there's something wonderful about pottering, dog-walking, and impromptu trips to the cinema.

(But why do they always happen on days I'm meant to be "working" I wonder? Let me go put the toast in while I ponder that...)


Oh, it's true. The tackling of the Tome has temporarily lapsed, but normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Bloody Tome! It will not defeat me!

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