It's Armadillo Time

status report

..for lack of anything more substantial. I seem to be a bit busy. I have no idea what it is that is making me busy, but there we have it.

  • Señor Gato is a degree friendlier/hungrier.
  • Marriage is economically advantageous. I have filed my taxes. Cheer! For some reason, being in a position to file a joint assessment saved me A LOT of money, like thousands. Try as I might, I cannot see the justice in that, can you? Being single is one punitive experience after another, from single room surcharges to Stasi-like interrogations by your aunts at weddings about whether you've met anyone special, and I cannot see why this must be enshrined in the tax system. (Not to mention couples who aren't married, but live together - or same sex couples.) So unfair.
    This will all have to change, come the revolution. (Only joking, FBI! Put down your weapons).
  • We survived the Night of Incompetent Baby-sitting. I aunted. Spike drew a slightly disturbing hand-eating monster, as Dazzle ran laps of the kitchen. The London cousins took turns at crying. I felt like I was in the trenches. There was a miscommunication which meant one of the London cousins cried on his own on and off for twenty minutes (I thought his mother was with him! She was meant to be. Oh God, if I feel this guilty now, what must it be like being the actual parent? Heaven help me, FOR I AM THE CHILD-BREAKER).
  • We have been called for our adoption preparation course. Naturally this happened the ONE month this entire decade I won't be here (Art camp) so we have to go on the next course, in November. JB's reaction was less than ideal and supportive. The word disproportionate springs to mind. Marge Simpson-like: Hrmm. Still, we ironed it all out later, he calmed down and the grip was got.
Work, I suppose, would be the thing now.
Till later, all.


Womb For Improvement

Can't you chalk the London cousin crying down to 'controlled crying' I hear they are all doing it.

Bionic Baby Mama

señor gato has come-hither eyes!

when does art camp start? i've lost track.


WFI, apparently his mother does the controlled crying already - so, hey, maybe it's all in a day's work and possibly I haven't broken him after all..?

Bionic, I am getting through to him - he cannot resist the charms of the ham-wielder! In a couple of weeks, Art Camp. So exciting!


My friend and I used to joke about how we weren't going to get married, because in the US, there were tax disadvantages to being married. We did not want to incur the marriage penalty. And so we lived in sin for some time. But we both eventually married, and suddenly the government did away with the marriage penalty.

Poor JB - probably still reacting to earlier events. You never know where that reaction will turn up, which makes it so odd. Disproportionate, even. Fortunate for him that he has such a loving wife who's willing to put up with the shenanigans.

Glad you survived the child onslaught!


Isn't that odd? Why would a government care what marital commitments there are one way or the other? I can understand totally supporting parents of course, that is different.

You are probably right on the overreaction of my tax avoidance facilitator, that is, I mean, husband. He loathes that he is not in control of our situation, and the idea of delaying things a few weeks just made him slightly dolally. Poor old JB.


I've been known to completely lose it over a delay of any kind, so I'm sympathetic. And it must just seem capricious. Why this particular month! Arg! My rare child care incidents always involve crying children, which means either that I am a terrible caretaker, or that children cry a lot. Or both. I can't believe Art Camp is already almost upon us! Thrilling!

Hairy Farmer Family

I also brook delay... poorly. Oh, so poorly. Poor JB.

But... art camp! Excitement! Tax breaks! Hooray!


ahhh well, as long as they cry they are not really broken, no? And the parents were supposed to do their bedtime routine, so I vote for guilty parents and think you were a great aunt. If you survived 4, imagine what a breeze 1 will be.
yay for tax not denting that last million of yours any deeper.
counting down the days till your flight? me too!


I love Señor Gato's supercilious expression.

Gosh. I don't think we get money off for being Officially Properly Married in Blighty anymore. [H, do we get money off for being married? No? DAMN. Damn-ish. It's... not REALLY fair, is it, when other couples don't get a discount for being respectable? Or so I tell myself, to counteract the DAMN. Heigh-ho, moral tizzies a specialty].

Child not broken. Twenty minutes of on-and-off crying doesn't even dent them at that age. Pinky-swear. Agonising as it must've been for you, bless your kind heart.

Poor Twangy. Poor JB - I hate getting in the state where even minor frustrations make me completely uncivil. November is not far off. Art Camp is IMPORTANT. All will be well. OMG, November isn't far off, is it? THINGS ARE MOVING!

No idea what's with all the CAPS tonight. Caffeine overdose, possibly. It's been that kind of day.


Oh, my rather long comment was just lost.

Suffice to say, I read the post and adored the cat picture. I love cats.

Poor JB - delay is difficult. However, November is not far off and am looking forward to reading about your adventures at Art Camp in the meantime. Glad it is all sorted out.


Marriage is defintiely economically advantageous, but I can't believe you are taxed at different rates. wait. maybe we are taxed at different rates here too. How would I know??... I haven't done my own taxi in years (I worked out that professional taxation services are deductable and therefore free to anyone earning over a bee's fart).
Did I say all that out loud? Sorry.
Camp art sounds fun and JB will just have to wait (which I know can be quite traumatic in itself).
As for being a child breaker - trust me, they are tougher than they look.
Except babies. They aren't so tough.
Don't rely on my advice though - especially when I am so obviously drunk.
Did I mention that I get talkative after I've had a glass of wine?


I haven't done my own *tax* in years...

...and obviously, I'd defintiely need a "taxi" at this point... aside from the fact that I am already home....


Must be cocktail hour in Australia! Amanda, you're hilarious. You, kindly readers, are so cheering.
It warms my heart.

irretrievably broken

You once alluded to New Jersey...you aren't flying through New York, are you? Oh, no reason. Just asking, is all...


Oh! How INTeresting! I thought you were more westerly, for some reason. Unfortunately New York (which I heart, most ardently) will be but a blur as I shoot through it to stay with my friends down the NJ shore for a couple of nights before going onward.
Damnit. Thought I better not dawdle given dire-ish financial scenario. Some day though, and soon. I'll catch up with all my comrades, sooner or later.
(Vaguely threatening tone completely intentional).


I don't like this new world in which you're too busy to post. But of course I'm happy your life is filled with things to do. Petulant guilt-trippy tone completely unintentional.


Sorry! We must change that, eh? More posting in future bunny, I promise. Honestly, I don't know what I have been so busy doing.

It's a mystery.


Senor Gato is a most attractive and appealing looking cat. And oh what terrible timing there is in life:( I'm glad you got the adoption course ironed out for November, though. And I'm thrilled to hear that you are setting off for your residency so soon.

I also agree with you 100% about the unfairness that single people deal with. On every front and I don't see why that should be enshrined in the tax system, either.

(I bet you were voted best babysitter ever.)

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