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It's Armadillo Time

Tomorrow I am off to Art Camp, having just about survived the usual mad influx of work that inevitably hits like an avalanche just before you go away. Updates from the expedition will be forthcoming, internet connection permitting, and one hopes - at least I do! -  commentary on your blogs will still be feasible.
I am looking forward to a bit of an adventure.

Who knows, I might have one, too, for The Camp takes place in a sort of nature reserve, where wild animals roam. We are advised thus, most thrillingly, by Those in The Know:

[Animals in the grounds] include snakes, mosquitoes, spiders, armadillos, feral cats, and other animals. Please do not feed or confront any animals that you may come across during your stay.

Also, this advice just in from my mother: Never smile at an alligator.
Really? Or else.. what? What?
Is there anything else I might be glad I knew? Bear in mind, Ireland is a place devoid of snakes, St Patrick having rather unkindly drowned them all in a lake in Kerry a Long Long Time Ago.  So  I know not of such things. Bring on your alligator-wrestling stories, I am listening avidly.

Better go and walk around in circles now, in my attempt to pack.
Your intrepid,


Hairy Farmer Family

Now don't go rubbing up Armadillos the wrong way!


I'm particularly concerned about the "other animals". Like..wolves? Tigers? Burmese pythons? I adore armadillos, though. When frightened, they leap straight up, I hear. (Which is why so many are killed on roads--a tragic maladaptation.) My best wishes for a safe and glorious trip over.


Because I am a cynical American, I assume when they say "other animals" they mean "creatures that you would not be interested in encountering, such as rats or mice." But they probably just mean common animals like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks.

Also, you can smile at alligators all you long as there is a nice fence between you. The advice I got at the alligator farm was that the fat ones aren't hungry, so you don't have to worry too much about them.

Have a wonderful trip! I hope Art Camp is everything you want it to be.


Just thought of a better title for this post:
See ya later, alligator!

Ha. Ha.

Ooh, a raccoon! I'd like to encounter one of them.

Fat ones aren't hungry. Fat ones aren't hungry.


Safe travels, TP!! Hope you have a wonderful adventure. Looking forward to reading all about it.

As for racoons, they are sometimes rabid. And you don't want one in your room ... think Taz from Looney Tunes. Highly destructive when cornered.

Will you go to Disney World while you are there?


Bionic Baby Mama

i'm sure they will let you have a mosquito in your room, as a pet. maybe two!

i want to hear all about art camp. i also must admit that i am sorely tempted to steal that armadillo picture, with caption. it is the best ever. (except that i do like cucumbers very much.)

as for the raccoons, it's true about rabies, though it was mostly distemper where i grew up. i did have a wee one as a pet for a bit when i was very small. its name was Rompin' Stompin' Dynamite.


Have fun at camp! I hope you get your swimming badge and learn to make lanyards!

It's that kind of camp, right? =)


I do hope you have a wonderful and creatively fulfilling time at Art Camp, hopefully with a side of adventure thrown in.

Womb For Improvement

Cool. I like the idea of confronting animals, maybe start with challenging the carnivorous about their place in the food chain.

Have fun!


Have a brilliant time, Twangy. I hope Art Camp is filled with hours of constructive work, hours of constructive down-time, interesting people, and no tangling with feral animals.

Armadillos! I don't think I've actually ever seen one (other than in your picture).

Eagerly anticipating pictures of photographs and brilliant artsy-fartsy types:)

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