It's Armadillo Time


Here I am, in Florida. It's truly wonderful. I am learning a lot - some things, quite fer-rankly, I didn't even know I needed to know. Like about Manga, and Slice of Life cartoons, inking, webcomics, indie publications and agents. I am getting my bearings - the residents are young, mostly, with a sprinkling of older people like me, mostly American, a few jet-lagged Aussies and a Malaysian woman (whose Irish mother comes from Whitehall, which is 5 mins from my house [world, small]).
Their voices do, as promised, go up at the end of the sentence? Know what I mean? They really are fond of the word "like" as a filler and by jimminy, are they fond of fantasy. The air is thick with their enthusiasm - you could stick a fork in the hot fog of ambition. I am being visited by more than the usual amount of "How did I get here?" moments, and quite a few mystified looks. My accent. They should meet the JB! I have decided counter-intuitively to go the other way and become more Irish. They'll get it eventually, I reckon, so they will. Begob.

And begorrah, it's warm here. I haven't seen any armadillos (boo), just a number of large spiders (an Australian told us one looked like a jumper. Jaysus?) and geckos. God knows what beasts teem under the boardwalks.

Where's me lucky charms, you'd be tired. I now realise I have been chugging along in the slow lane for - well - ever. We are making an anthology, (not to be in shops or anything) as an exercise - 10 pages of comics by Wednesday. There's also a terrifying rumour abounding - an alarmingly named 16 hour comic, plus our own work, whatever the hell that is. Also, life-drawing, workshops, talks, outings, openings, tours.
Karaoke! More talks!

I am far too delicate to work this hard. I need a note from my Mammy. Each day is packed with activities. There is no time to work, except at night, or early in the morning. It's mad, quite mad, but really fun.

More later, for dinner awaits.

Your roving

[Great model, after post-pose clap: This is my first experience doin' this. It's easy! Just like sitting at home havin' a beer and veggin out. Cue appreciative laughter from associates.]


The Sheila

10 pages of homework by Wednesday? Ah seriously.... Note from Mammy: níl sí in ann a dhéanamh léi obair bhaile.


Thanks, Mammy.

Hairy Farmer Family

You be careful out there, lass!


Damn, Girl, you can sure can cook ... that is, draw and write. It's a wonderful thing.

Homework. Bah. !!

I can hum a few bars of Óró, Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile ... does that count? I love your observations of the natives ....


Watch out for the Palmetto bugs too (giant flying cockroaches) (should probably have mentioned those earlier)! A lot of spiders jump here. You should see the ones creeping around my house - we have wolf spiders. Have you seen any alligators yet?

I thought Hemingway was dead though - your model looks somewhat like him! Maybe that's just how Floridians look.

All Americans find accents fascinating, unless they are American accents - then they're just people who can't talk properly. :)

Bionic Baby Mama

don't let the aussie scare ya' -- we only have two poisonous spiders (not like certain continents i can name, where half a hundred critters are rarin' to kill you on the way to breakfast). you're not too likely to meet either one.


Bwahaha. I know when I went OS, my Aussie accent got more and more ocker as time went on.


Hurrah! A postcard from our beloved (and intrepid) Twangy.

I am so glad you are enjoying Art Camp, busy though it is.


Happy you found some time to blog. Camp can be such a whirlwind of other people and other ideas that sometimes it's hard to remember who you are...
Glad to hear all is grand, keep up the Irish!

Womb For Improvement

Sounds manic but brilliant.

I bet you'll come home with sheafs and sheafs of work. And maybe there is space on a shop shelf for that anthology!


This is a very lovely postcard. It made me laugh, and I do like your Beardy Hippy. Handsome in an 'auditioning for Gandalf' way.

My, but you sound very very busy. I'm half envious, half slightly concerned. Don't sprain yourself, darlin'.


It sounds fun, intense and hilarious. (I imagine that you are getting a lot of: "I just LOVE your ACcent"...but if anyone uses the word "quaint" you have my permission to slay them:)

I hope the beasties keep themselves at bay. And also that you get a little downtime. Art Camp sounds fun. But slightly tiring.

valery valentina

Are you Missing In Art? on page nine of your ten-on-Wednesday?
Enjoy the warmth, I had a hard time adjusting to the cool&crisp of home. I will not mention the wet.


Yay! I'm so glad you're learning stuff! And I'm pretty sure jumping spiders in the US are harmless, but I'm not going to check in case there turns out to be an extra venomous variety in Florida.

That sounds like far more activity than I could handle. But I suppose it's temporary, thus can be endured.

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