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I was going to write about this funny old comic world, the moonlit beach last night, the Manga girls' obsession with a thing called Sailor Moon, spider bites and the armadillo watch. But my mother texted me to say that my uncle died today and that's all I can think about now.

In recent times his role as caretaker to his wife (who has MS) took its toll on him, reducing our infrequent interactions to dark humour, and outrageous opinions expressed in massively booming voice. But when we were small, and he was a long-legged 25 year old with an unlikely beard, who could make anything, and fix anything, we four cousins used to jump all over him, and he gave us wonderful presents at Christmas. I remember this most miraculous and unexpected Sindy wardrobe:

I don't know what became of it, (where do these things go?) but I remember the exact feel of the white plastic drawers as I reverentially slid them in and out, the way the doors swung open on their hinges. I couldn't imagine anything better - it seemed extraordinary that my uncle had been able to reach into my head, see my dreams and get something even better.

Goodbye Uncle R, and thank you. Another of the old guard is gone.


Not on Fire

I am sorry for your loss.


Oh no. I'm so sorry...


Sad sad sad, for you, for your mother and aunt, for your cousins (I mean, in their twenties) and you are not even "here" now...

yes, bendy feet and the different shoes that kept getting lost, so tiny... I think they still may be in an old drawer somewhere.
hugs from far away.
Maybe you can send a falling star his way?


Thank you all. That's really kind of you.

Yes, Valery, so hard for my poor cousins. They seem too young for this level of misfortune.
It's an awful, dreadful thing.


I am so very sorry for your loss. So very sad for your family. This must have been made more difficult because you are away from home at the moment. Thinking of you and yours.


So sorry. He sounds like he was a wonderful person.


Twangy, I'm so very sorry. This is a lovely tribute to him. Every little girl should be so lucky as to have an uncle like this. So sorry. Those things are always much harder to bear when you are far from home. Thinking of you.

bunny terribly sad. He sounds tremendous. I'm so sorry for your whole family's loss.

Uncles are a special magical breed, and this one was clearly top notch.

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh my lovey, I'm so very sorry. Uncles who pony up with Sindy wardrobes are rare and precious jewels, and the world is a sadder place without him.

conceptionally challenged

I'm so sorry. He sounds like a wonderful guy.

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