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..croak.. I couldn't find any clean bras this morning so ventured to encase my modest bosom in a jogging bra. Gasp. Can hardly.. breathe. Like having a very lonely boa constrictor wrapped .. around .. chest

With my last breath, can I be recommendy? Let me pass on this useful link from David Allen (Thank you Pale). I have not read them all but the succinct and simple Finding your inside time (don't be put off by the brand-iness) enlightened me hugely. I core-dumped (no tittering in the cheap seats please) as advised, and it was like a weight fell off my poor over-revved Nissan Micra-style psyche. There is now room in there. And calm. At last.

Also, I loved this woman's perspective. Worth every minute of the twenty. Thanks to the lovely DoctorMama, whom I don't even know, or even "know", but I still really like.

I had fun today with this, as inspired by Overheard in the Office.  I don't know why exactly, but I found this exchange very funny, and thought it'd do me good to do something purely for the gas:

And I did some life-drawing last night, in a ricketty back room over a pub in Dublin 2. I love this town, sometimes.


It is spring, suddenly.

Let us indeed be happy for today. Even as we keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.




Core-dumped? What? How? Should I be dumping cores? It seems bizarrely appealing. Core! Dump! Star Trek!

Sorry, geeked out there.

I LOVE the cubicle farm cartoon. It made me giggle very much.

Must revisit Dublin. There.

Womb For Improvement

Ooh I need a little calm. Will investigate the link.

Her little, innocent face as she chirped brandy made me snort.


Ah. The sports bra. Got uniboob?

Gee, now I may have to take my own advice and read Davd Allen's book. The old man is offering to lend it to me ... I really could use more calm. In and out.

DoctorMama! I was just thinking about her today because I've sworn to become one of her Maggots. It was one of my (shhhh) new year's resolutions. And then came the plague. Today I was finally cheeky enough to contemplate getting back to it.

Life Drawing! Did I have six semesters of that? So long ago. How cool that you have it above a pub. In my college town (my parents and in laws are still there), they called it Friday Night Drawing. I miss that. Not sure I'd know what to do there now, it's been so long.



Surely the solution to no clean bra is just to go without? Much better all round, I think. Perhaps not if one has to leave the house though.

I am glad you are feeling inspired. :)I should like to visit Dublin very much one day. I reall these art classes from the pub that they had in Sydney,I doubt one can find one in Small City though.


Your buzzword collection is making me cringe! (Core-dump? Really?) I often wonder if these people have really great ideas that I cannot recognize because I am so distracted by their turn of phrase...

Love the comic, and the drawing!


Love love the drawing. Hope you're surviving the sports bra. :)


I have a deep suspicion that this is what most of us are missing in our everyday lives: brandy:)

And you've piqued my interest about the core-dumping. Anything to feel a little weight drop from my shoulders, and a little calm. I will check out the link. (By the way, the Health Journeys meditation link you recommended was the solitary ttc-related recordings that I listened actually made me weepy in places, but in a good way).

May spring continue to spring. And may all of Dublin's sons and daughters thrive there (we keep reading very dire warnings of an impending brain drain...hoping very much that it does not come to pass).

Hairy Farmer Family

A calm and roomy psyche? I am immeasurably delighted for you, and am promptly scurrying off to investigate your links!

Your drawings... such, such a pleasure.

conceptionally challenged

A boa constrictor bra and a core dump? You sure inspired me. Now I have to go and sort out these weird thoughts... (ttc unrelated for once, but that can be a good thing).

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