ramble: on luck


Bionic Baby Mama

i bet the bolshoi don't pull petty shit like that. i am just saying.


Hah! Indeed. I take your non-related observation in the spirit in which it is meant.


Have to agree with BionicBM, no trembling was the first thing that came to my mind, we remember it well.


not sure my answer to the survey went through (didn't want to register) but I suggest Elder go back to the friendly solicitor who will suggest a or c.


Growl. This was my response to Younger. First, that he withdrew that money so lickity split, and second that he wouldn't just take the penalty, or at the very least offer to split it.

My vote (not sure if it went through either): Elder should take the money to offset the costs for now. When the inheritance money comes through (stunning how long these things can take) he should then say, "Oh, by the way, I found such and such which I used to defray funeral expenses." Keep receipts and a general accounting of everything, so that there is no grey area later. If it is more than is needed to cover the funeral cost/b&b costs/other expenses (and my guess is that this is a big if) he can give Younger a portion of this remainder out of his section of the inheritance. This would be more than fair. Which is more than I can say for Younger.


Thanks Adele. That is eminently sensible.

And your votes *are* registering! Thank you all. This is fun. Also I am feeling all nice and justified in my anger. That is, I would be, if this was real. Obviously!


I think I managed to get my survey response in before the post vanished, but for the record, I wanted to respond "spend it all on lavish gifts for charming wife". And I won't say more lest my comment give you nellies, too.


My computer will not let me email you. Can you send me the info anyway?

(Although, based on the comments, I think I have an idea of what's going on...)


I agree with bunny - Lavish gifts for charming wife!

A is a lovely choice, but I suspect it wouldn't sit that well with Elder who is obviously doing his utmost to be fair in all things. B is just silly, although I suspect that's where Elder would be tempted to go first (see evaluation of A). C is the most objectively fair, because Elder should be reimbursed for some expenses incurred in arranging for care. However, I suspect (again because he is fair) that Elder feels like those expenses were just a part of life and would be willing to just shoulder them.

But, how irritating is Younger? Bionic Baby Mama's response made me snort...


Quite, a. Love the lavish gifts idea. Mmmmmm. Laaavish gifts...

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