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June 2012


I am in a stellar mood today. I even like my wrinkles.


We had some fun in NYC. We got all around and I even added another scalp internet friend to my real world collection - the lovely Bionic family. Just as nice in the flesh. This is always the case, you know, if my sample of four is anything to go by. When the internet people come out of the computer, they are not in fact druglords in moleskin trousers (to quote May), but exactly who they say they are.

And so now we are at home. It is quiet after midtown Manhattan - the sheer noise of which I had conveniently edited out of my memory. It's warm and humid today - the cat is doing the flat out sleeping pose that indicates temperatures of over 25 degrees. Countries are finally opening again to Ireland (I speak of adoption matters, for those who don't know). Things seem hopeful, at last. I am looking forward and feeling I can take things on.

Ah. There is one thing. One little fly in the ointment. The JB, the lazy devil the academic has 10 weeks off - a fact he takes great delight in repeating these days. 10 weeks, folks. He wakes up at the exact moment I do and is! instantly! awake! And up for a chat!

Sigh. I do wish this wasn't painting me in the acidic light of a begrudging shrew, but really, if he doesn't dial down the morning cheer, and not be All There All The Time, I will throttle him.

So. How to handle the fact I am married to a manic seven year old in a 38 year old man's body? Your thoughts please. Maybe I should see this as good practice for parenting?

Hrmm. I do wonder how I'd take to parenting.


whistle stop

It's odd to be back.  I'd forgotten how this city actually literally hums all day, and how intense it all is, the extraordinary diversity, the feeling of compression and energy, the wide pavements, the bright sun, the optimism, the anonymity. Irish people are not accustomed to that. What? I am not going to run into someone whose cousin went to primary school with me? What? New York doesn't know us?

But it feels like one of those dreams where you discover a door in the wall, and you think: All this is here! How could I not have noticed? That feeling of marvel, of discovery. I lived here for 4 years about 10 years ago - I am having that sense of mismatched familiarity that you do when you revisit a place. It's both altered and the same. I am both altered and the same.

I still love it, though. I have been drawing and walking. I've been in the Guggenheim, and the Eyebeam, the High Line, the public library (love) and restaurants too numerous to mention. I have had exchanges with locals, of which more later. Travelling shakes you out of your normal ways, it splits you in two. This place feels ghostly to me, it haunts me, it's the road not travelled.

Ah,  Mr Flah-tiron! How I missed you.

But you know me, I am capable of being haunted by a sandwich. The lunch not eaten! The book not read! Heh. The life-altering bus journey, the job, the house not taken! (Anyone know what I am on about here, feel free to jump in, eh.)

I have so much to say I don't know where to start.  But for now the JB is waiting. It's time to go out. 

More later.



And so it comes to be that the term has finally finally finally concluded in an avalanche of paperwork, and released for a few days from the trantran of normal life, find myself as if thrown off a whirligig into Boston for the wedding of the Brother-in-law, he of non-trembling fame.

It's been a last minute affair, to say the least. The night before we left I worked until 9pm (Shudder. Unpleasant flashback.) and then we left with not even a minute to post to ask my beloved readers who reside round these parts if they might be around at any point next week, so I might buy him (or more likely) her a drink, for I will be in my favourite city in the world, and that is NEW YORK CITY, for a whole week.
This is thrilling!
Let me know.