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I have an adoption-related medical this arvo. We've decided to have everything ready for India, anyway, while They (the authorities) decide WTF (to use the vernacular) they are doing. This has also involved posing for photos outside our house. (Note to self: NO MORE GOOFING in front of the camera. It makes you look like a mule that has been offered a raw onion.)

It is a very basic tickbox-style medical form this time:
Have you ever had tuberculosis/tumour/heart/liver/sexual disease, neuropathy,  mental illness/other communicable disease/alcoholism or history of substance abuse, any generic disease, any surgical operation?

Nine are no, a Certainly not! only proper, brand diseases and a yes. Then the usual tests, for HIV and blood pressure, urine, and whatnot. Then the fun part:

What is your assessment on the patient's fertility/infertility?

I know you'll all understand perfectly when I sum up my feelings with this: Bleah.

Other than this, I am concentrating on extending good thoughts to my friend Valery for tomorrow. The horrible thing is that her fear is totally natural - oh, I feel for her acutely, and yet I am so hopeful for her.




You could never, never, look like a mule offered a raw onion!

FABULOUS sketch, though!


Is there a tickbox for Bleah? There should be.

Also, what's a generic disease? Is that an Irish thing?

I sort of imagine the best photos are the result of goofing, and mules are challenged in the reproductive domain, so they should be used to applications from mules. Maybe lose the onion, is all.


The mule is adorkable. I want to adopt IT.

I would also like to know why in the name of His Holiness's Little Fishes they want to know your fertility status? Perfectly fertile people sometimes choose adoption too. Sometimes before and/or after they've had bio-kids. It's IRRELEVANT. All they need to know is, you want to adopt and aren't likely to chain the kid to the radiator while you go out boozing, sniffing cocaine through rusted catheters and hunting for snarks.



Terrible, terrible question. I also find it irrelevant (and painful to have to trot out one's history like that). Just what do they think the answer signifies anyway? We're all snowflakes, so it's not going to mean precisely the same thing across all situations. Bah.

Oh, the mule-like smile. There is nothing I fear quite so much as having my photograph taken in any official capacity. Actually, "The Mule" would be preferable. I do "frozen fake smile" that is a cross between "deer in headlights" and "chimpanzee grin". It is not pretty. BUT I think it's very smart to get all your ducks in a row, so that when the powers that be get their act together, you are ready.

(I missed commenting on your last post...I hope the Way of No Sugar is going smoothly. I've tried to walk it myself and also feel much better for it...but always fall off that wagon, er, road before too long).

Dr Spouse

Some agencies (I'm thinking US, private) are very fussy about fertility - we looked at a few, some wanted evidence you could not have any biological children, some that you could not have more, and some that you could not conceive (which is even more bananas than the other conditions). And some sending countries have blanket conditions like this - I seem to remember reading that Korea insist you take contraceptives.

Yes, it's bananas, but there's not much you can do about it except go elsewhere.

Valery Valentina

Oh no, a picture??? But why?? so they can pick a baby that looks like you?! Sorry, my DE brain doesn't compute adoption bleargh very well. (and thanks again for your help when I had to pick my picture) And for the hiv or other s-t-diseases? I've never had as many tests in the last years (and never so little s to t it from) yay for infertility-bleah.

But- super to hear you have A Plan and are Putting It Together.
I hope that after all this long pre-?-ambling it will soon take off at speed to a dazzling destination.
Hope my good news and relief will stretch all the way back to you two too.


Obnoxious questions...they're everywhere. Especially where you cannot possibly answer them in the proper irreverent/sarcastic manner that you would prefer.


Oh BLEAH to that question indeed. I do like your responses to the questions though. Generic disease, indeed.

I hope the authorities work out WTF they are doing soon. I must now pop over to visit Valery.

Womb For Improvement

I would have assumed that one of the plusses with adoption is you can leave all the doctors behind. Clearly a bit more suffering is in order.

What the hell is a generic disease?!

Bionic baby mama

I hear generic diseases are a really good deal, though. You don't pay so much, because they save on the advertising. Terrible graphic design sometimes, but is that really a top priority in an ailment?

Assessment of fertility: None Of My Damn Business

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